Earth Day

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Apr 22, 2023
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GreenCars and Lithia&Driveway (NYSE:LAD) have partnered with 100+ organizations across the country to educate communities, drive positive change, and help accelerate the electric car revolution. Help us plant 100,000 trees starting this Earth Day by test driving an electric, hybrid, or fuel-efficient vehicle!

Group planting a tree in a forest

The Arbor Day Foundation and GreenCars

The Arbor Day Foundation plants trees because people need trees. And when planted in the right place, they have great impact. Trees help slow climate change, filter our air and water, foster biodiversity, and strengthen our communities.

Through our partnership with the Arbor Day Foundation, and with your help, GreenCars will help plant 100,000 longleaf pines at Eglin Air Force Base in Florida by December 31.

Along with being a key military facility, Eglin Air Force Base is one of the most biodiverse areas in the country, containing the largest remaining contiguous stand of longleaf pine trees in the world. Widespread restoration efforts are needed to keep the land within Elgin Air Force Base thriving for generations to come. Our efforts will reduce forest fragmentation and protect the endangered wildlife that calls the area home.

Drive Your Future

GreenCars has always been about driving positive change- not just online and in our partner stores, but also our communities. A key part of our mission is education: for our teams, our customers, and, most importantly, the next generation of drivers and stewards of our environment.

Drive Your Future is a national program that brings the latest electric cars right to school campuses around the country. We provide experts to educate students,  staff, and parents on the future of sustainable transportation.

Trees for Test Drives

GreenCars has partnered with the Arbor Day Foundation to plant one tree for every qualifying test drive completed at participating Lithia&Driveway (NYSE:LAD) stores between April 22nd and December 31st, 2022. Help us plant 100,000 trees this year by finding a store near you.

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Join the sustainable transportation evolution.

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