Find EV Incentives

Discover EV incentives you qualify for when purchasing an electric or plug-in hybrid vehicle.

How It Works

Our interactive EV incentive resource gathers up all the rebates and incentives you may be eligible for. Simply answer a few questions about the vehicle you are considering, your household income and tax filing status, and your location in the U.S., and you will find every EV incentive available to you – along with information on how to apply.

From the federal $7,500 tax incentive to state incentives offering thousands to EV purchasers, and even preferential rates offered by electric utility companies, the GreenCars EV incentive resource is your one stop to ensure going green is as economical as possible.

Additional Resources

Considering making the switch to an electric, plug-in hybrid, or even hydrogen vehicle? There are many rebates, tax credits, and other EV incentives that can help make driving a more environmentally friendly vehicle even more affordable. For more information on how EV incentives, visit our Learning Center.