Electric Cars

Should I Buy a Used Electric Car?

Buying a Used Electric Car

Purchasing a new electric car has its perks, but if you're looking for a great deal a used EV could be a great option to explore. Before deciding whether or not you should buy a used electric car, let's take a look at some common concerns including used batteries, warranties and certified pre-owned options.


Used BEVs can potentially have like-new batteries. Because range degradation can be a common issue with used BEVs, always check the condition of the battery. The best way to tell if the battery is in good shape is to go to a reputable EV mechanic and ask them to run an on-board diagnostic. Always make sure that the range is enough to fulfill your day-to-day transportation needs!


Did you know used BEVs have a chance of being covered by a warranty? Always ask about the vehicle’s warranty! Some automakers provide warranties that could potentially protect the vehicle for battery degradation (which we know can be a common issue with used BEVs). Depending on the seller and the automaker, a vehicle may come with an extended factory warranty that functions identically to the original.

Certified Vehicles

Buying certified pre-owned comes with a higher chance of scoring the previous benefits. This will likely be a pricier option than non-certified vehicles, but you’ll gain greater peace of mind knowing you secured a safer deal.