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EV Charging Stations

While most electric cars will get charged at home most of the time – meaning you’ll leave on your commute every day with a full charge – what if you want to go on a longer drive? Like gasoline cars, electric cars will need to be refueled on the way, but figuring out the best place to charge isn’t quite as easy as finding the nearest station and plugging in. That’s where our charging station map can help.

Developed together with ChargePoint, one of the world’s largest charging providers, our charging station map shows chargers from all networks on one easy-to-read interactive map. Use it to help plan your trips before departing, or while on the go to find the most convenient and best charging along the way. The GreenCars charging station map also lists useful information about how many ports are available at a given location, and the charging speeds offered.

What are the Different Types of EV Chargers?

It's important to understand, particularly when you’re on a road trip, what kind of public charger you are accessing. Level 2, or slow chargers, are similar to the charger you might use at home. Putting out 240 volts, they are fine for adding a bit of range during a short stop, or filling up your EV battery at a public location where you’ll spend a few hours. You’ll commonly find Level 2 chargers at public parks, in downtown urban parking lots, or near shopping centers and restaurants.

If you’re looking to charge quickly on a long highway drive, you’ll want to find a Level 3 charger. Sometimes called DC Fast Charging (DCFC), Level 3 chargers can fill up your EV’s battery in less than an hour, and are typically found along high-traffic routes on inter-city thoroughfares. You’ll pay more to use a Level 3 charger, but will be on your way much more quickly. (One thing to note: once your battery is charged to about 80 percent, the charging speed slows to reduce the risk of overcharging the battery.)

How Can I Find EV Charging Stations?

While our charging station map will show you all of the locations, and all of the networks, you can use to charge your electric car, you may still need to download the app associated with that charging network to your smartphone to activate your charging session. For that reason, you might want to use the map to plan your road trip ahead of time, so you can have the right apps installed on your phone. Payment is as simple as connecting the charging app to your credit card.

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