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Best Build: Jaguar i-Pace

Laurance Yap
June 20, 2023
As one of the first entrants into the luxury EV space, the i-Pace was one of the more expensive vehicles available, but in 2022, Jaguar radically simplified the lineup, and actually reduced prices. But what's the perfect i-Pace spec? Read on to find out.
2022 Jaguar i-Pace Charging

Jaguar Electric Ingenuity: the i-Pace

You have to give Jaguar credit for entering the electric vehicle market with something as bold and forward-looking as the i-Pace. While other legacy luxury brands’ first electric cars were adapted from existing gasoline-powered vehicles (think BMW iX3, Mercedes-Benz EQC), the i-Pace was developed from the ground up as an electric car – and actually came out first!

2023 Jaguar I-Pace side profile driving through city

You can tell right away that the i-Pace was designed to be pure electric: its long, sleek body, short hood, and tiny overhangs would never work with a conventional gasoline engine. But thanks to compact motors, a big floor-mounted battery, and some clever styling by design boss Ian Callum, the i-Pace packs a huge interior onto a remarkably compact footprint – and its feline good looks seem to have leapt into the present from 10 years in the future.

Video of 2023 Jaguar I-Pace configurator

Jaguar i-Pace: Specs

As one of the first entrants into the luxury EV space, the i-Pace was one of the more expensive vehicles available, but in 2022, Jaguar radically simplified the lineup, and actually reduced prices. We spoke with Brian Cupler, Sales Manager at Jaguar of Troy in Michigan, about how to spec the perfect i-Pace.

2023 Jaguar i-Pace HSE EV400+ | $69,200

“There used to be three trim levels for i-Pace,” says Cupler. “But Jaguar has really pared things down to just one trim level – the HSE. And the best news is that the HSE, the top trim level, used to start at $79,000, and now you get the same equipment for $69,200.”

Standard equipment on the HSE includes a 90-kWh battery that delivers between 200 and 270 miles in real-world Michigan driving, depending on the weather. Its twin motors deliver 394 horsepower and push it to 60 mph in a very swift 4.5 seconds. All-wheel drive is standard equipment, perfect for Michigan winters.

Also included is Jaguar EliteCare – five years or 60,000 miles of complimentary maintenance and roadside assistance. EVs tend to be less expensive than gasoline vehicles to maintain, but having five years for free is even better!

Santorini Black Paint | $750

“Most of the cars we sell to Michigan customers are black, white, or grey,” says Culper. “Jaguar offers a great range of colors, and the Caesium Blue is way out there. But mostly, even the people that come in looking for red end up ordering something in grey. I really like the Eiger Grey paint, but Santorini black is classic.”

Black Exterior Pack | $550

“With black paint, it makes sense to order the black exterior pack as well, though some customers will go for a more traditional look with the bright exterior pack, which has chrome trim.” The black exterior pack includes gloss black side window surrounds, grille, badging, and mirror caps.

20-Inch Style 5068 Wheels, Black | $500

While 22-inch wheels are available, Culper recommends staying with the less-expensive 20-inch wheels. “For electric vehicle customers, range is still sometimes an issue. The bigger the wheel you choose, the less range you get. So while I like the look of the available 22-inch wheels, the 20s are a better choice – and deal better with Michigan’s legendary potholes.” A black finish on the wheels matches the paint and exterior trim.

Front Fog Lights | $100

$100 is a small up-charge for a lot more visibility in poor weather.

Light Oyster Windsor Leather Interior | $0

“Electric vehicle drivers are not as scared about light colors than our gasoline-engine customers, who will typically choose black interiors. The Light Oyster interior looks great and makes the interior feel more spacious.”

Aluminum Weave Carbon Fiber Trim Finisher | $1,300

Replacing the standard silver trim, Culper feels that high-tech carbon fiber is a perfect match for the blacked-out exterior, and the high-tech nature of the i-Pace.

Cold Climate Pack | $550

$550 is a small price to pay for a set of features that makes winter driving easier and safer. Included in the package are a heated windshield, heated washer jets, power washers for the headlights, and a toasty heated steering wheel.

WIFI with Data Plan | $400

"I normally wouldn't order WiFi for a Jaguar," says Cupler. "But our i-Pace customers all seem to want it."

Powered Gesture Tailgate | $100

The gesture tailgate uses sensors located on either side of the vehicle to allow hands-free operation of the tailgate from the curb. The tailgate can also be opened and closed via a button on the key fob and includes soft closing.

ClearSight Interior Rear View Mirror | $875

One disadvantage of the i-Pace’s sleek, aerodynamic exterior is a very narrow rear window. The ClearSight mirror cures this with a digital display in the mirror, fed by a camera on the roof of the car – eliminating blind spots and making parking and maneuvering a breeze.

Delivery and Destination Charge | $1,150

2023 Jaguar I-Pace driving through European city

Total Price of Jaguar i-Pace: $75,475

Thanks to its impressive performance, good range, and sleek style, the i-Pace has always been one of our favorite luxury SUVs. Now, with a price reduction – and still substantial incentives – it's a better value than ever.