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Lexus and ChargePoint Partner for Home Charging

Laurance Yap
June 26, 2023
If you're buying an electric car, you should also be thinking about purchasing and installing a home charger. Home charging is cheaper, more convenient, and better for your car. Lexus has partnered with ChargePoint to offer chargers and installation to purchasers of its new RZ 450e electric SUV.
Woman charging her Lexus EV at home.

What Are the Benefits of Electric Car Charging at Home?

Every time we review an electric vehicle here on GreenCars, we mention that you’ll have the best experience if you’re set up to charge your electric car at home. Home charging is convenient – you plug in overnight – and it’s also significantly cheaper than using public charging stations. But getting set up for home charging requires a few steps, including selecting a home charging unit and having it installed by a professional electrician.

Now, Lexus is trying to make it easier for its customers to go electric by offering a home charger as well as home installation at the time of purchase. Thanks to a new partnership with ChargePoint, one of the largest charging-equipment companies, purchasers of the all-new, all-electric RZ 450e can get set up to charge at home a lot more easily. A home charger, installation services, and access to a huge network of public charging stations just got a little easier.

Close up of hand using Chargepoint charger for their EV.

ChargePoint: Chargers and Installation

Lexus says that its arrangement with ChargePoint, and Qmerit, ChargePoint’s home-installation partner, is designed to provide RZ 450e drivers with the tools and services to help them understand and solve their charging needs up-front, so they can have a better ownership experience.

For many RZ 450e clients, their home will become the primary charging location for their vehicle. Participating Lexus dealers will offer customers the option to purchase a ChargePoint Home Flex Level 2 charger at the dealership – or directly online. The ChargePoint Home Flex comes equipped with wi-fi, can be installed indoors or outdoors, and has a 23-foot charging cable to support different parking configurations. ChargePoint says that its home charger can charge up to 25 miles of range per hour, which means the RZ 450e’s battery can be fully charged when plugged in overnight.

Lexus and ChargePoint have also selected Qmerit to help guide customers through the process of installing a charger at home. The end-to-end services offered by Qmerit include locating a certified electrician to install the EV charger, providing an initial free quote, and additional services. Customers will be introduced to Qmerit during their purchase checkout process at participating dealers.

For public charging, RZ 450e guests will also be able to tap into ChargePoint’s extensive public network of Level 2 and Level 3 fast chargers. ChargePoint has also signed agreements with many other networks across North America, meaning that customers using its network have access to more than 80% of the charging spots in North America. This makes it easy to charge when, where, and how they want. RZ 450e drivers can use the Lexus app to quickly find, use, and pay for vehicle charging, thanks to the integration of ChargePoint’s public charging function into the app.

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GreenCars Tools: Make It Simple

If you’re not in the market for a Lexus RZ 450e, you can still make your electric car purchase and ownership experience easier right here on GreenCars. We offer a comprehensive catalog of available home chargers, which you can purchase online, and you can also use our interactive tool to locate a licensed electrician to install your home charger.