The New 2024 Tesla Model Y Long Range RWD

Laurance Yap
June 11, 2024
Tesla continues to adjust its model lineup and pricing in the face of increased competition and a changing market. The world’s best-selling vehicle, the Model Y crossover, has a new Long Range rear-wheel drive model. With 320 miles of EPA-estimated range, it replaces the previous standard range RWD.
Tesla Model Y long range RDW driving on the road

The Cheapest Tesla Model Y

Because it controls product development, manufacturing, and its retail network Tesla can respond to shifting demand by making changes to its products, and pricing, more quickly than almost any other carmaker. Amidst the negative news about layoffs at the company, and questions around the future of its charging network, the company quietly released an update to its best-selling Model Y crossover. The entry level rear-wheel drive Model Y is dead, replaced by a new rear-wheel drive Long Range model.

Available for order now at a starting MSRP of $44,990 – $2,000 less than the retired standard-range RWD model that has just been retired – the Model Y Long Range RWD is eligible for the full $7,500 federal tax incentive, as it’s made in the U.S. and contains North American-sourced battery components. Factor in $1,640 in obligatory “destination” fees ad the effective price of the new model is $39,190.

Interior of 2024 Tesla Model Y Long Range RWD

Tesla Model Y Range and Charging

What do you get for that? A very capable, versatile electric crossover which offers an EPA-estimated 320 miles of driving range, a 135-mph top speed, and a swift 0-60 mph time of 6.5 seconds thanks to its single-motor 283-hp electric drivetrain. The exterior design remains unchanged, as does the interior – which is easy to get in and out of, spacious, and versatile, despite the Model Y’s sloping roofline.

The big news here is the Long Range model’s battery, which offers 60 miles more range than the previous RWD model – a meaningful increase that should make it easier for the entry-level Model Y to fit into potential buyers’ lives. Tesla hasn’t revealed the battery capacity of the new model, though the all-wheel drive Long Range model has an 81-kWh battery. The maximum charging speed is 250 kW – allowing the new Model Y Long Range RWD to add 160 miles of range in 15 minutes on a compatible charger – which is a sizable bump over the previous version’s 170 kW.

Interestingly, Tesla CEO Elon Musk announced in a tweet that buyers of the previous standard-range RWD model would be able to “unlock” extra driving range from that model with a software upgrade for $1,500 to $2,500 – suggesting that the standard range model used the same battery but was software-limited; the weight of the Long Range and standard range models is the same: 4,154 pounds.

2024 Tesla Model Y Pricing and Trim Levels

With the new Long Range RWD model, the 2024 Tesla Model Y lineup has been simplified to three models:

  • 2024 Tesla Model Y Long Range RWD: starting MSRP of $44,990, 320 miles EPA estimated range
  • 2024 Tesla Model Y Long Range AWD: starting MSRP of $47,990, 310 miles EPA estimated range
  • 2024 Tesla Model Y Performance Long Range AWD: starting MSRP of $54,190, 279 miles EPA estimated range

On Long Range models, the standard wheels are 19 inches in diameter, with 20-inch wheels available as a $2,000 option; we wouldn’t recommend them, as they drop the estimated range by up to 25 miles and make the car ride more stiffly. The Model Y performance comes with 21-inch wheels as standard.

Tesla Model Y Review: Driving Experience

Being Tesla, Model Ys don’t offer a lot of latitude for customization. They are all very well-equipped, with synthetic leather interiors in a choice of two colors, a large central touchscreen that unifies all of the major controls, dual wireless phone chargers, and a panoramic roof.

Even though in some ways the Model Y is as functional a vehicular “appliance” as you can get, combining affordability with high levels of functionality and efficiency, it is surprisingly fun to drive. The electric motors provide instantaneous torque for sports-car level acceleration, and the low center of gravity makes the Model Y stable and grippy in corners. Throw in quick, accurate steering, good tires, and great visibility, and you have a crossover that is an entertaining steer as well as a highly functional family vehicle.

Will More Upgrades Be Coming for the Tesla Model Y?

First introduced in 2019, the Tesla Model Y is now over five years old. Though it is not feeling long in the tooth, the recent upgrades introduced on the related Tesla Model 3 – an upgraded interior with better seats and ambient lighting, improved software that increases range and efficiency, as well as updated front and rear styling – would be nice to see on the world’s best-selling vehicle. As of yet, Tesla has yet to announce if and when such upgrades are coming, but we suspect that they will come soon.

While the elimination of the previous RWD standard range model means that an entry-level Model Y is a little less affordable than it used to be, the new Long Range RWD model adds a meaningful dose of extra driving distance, and comes with all of the virtues that unite all Model Ys – highly efficient running, useful space and versatility, and access to the best charging network out there. For many buyers, it will remain the default choice for a mainstream electric crossover.