BMW’s Solid-State Battery Partner is Based in Colorado

Laurance Yap
January 26, 2023
BMW is an automaker that continues to diversify its interests in alternatives to current lithium-ion battery technology. One example: the company recently deepened its partnership with Solid Power, based in Colorado, and will begin pilot production of solid-state EV batteries in Germany.
BMW employee holding battery

BMW Solid-State Battery Production

Solid Power, a Colorado-based specialist in solid-state battery technology, has announced the deepening of its partnership with the BMW group. Under an expanded agreement, the BMW now has a research and development license for Solid Power’s battery know-how.

Under the new agreement, BMW will duplicate Solid Power’s pilot production lines at its facilities in Germany, and will produce its own prototype cells based on Solid Power’s technology. Together, the two companies will also optimize cell manufacturing processes to help bring Solid Power’s all-solid-state batteries and sulfide-based electrolyte technology to market.

BMW and Solid Power, which is based in Louisville, CO, have actually been working together for seven years. The expanded partnership, under which BMW will pay Solid Power $20 million through June 2024, is a vote of confidence in the U.S. company’s technology and evidence that both companies believe Solid Power’s batteries are on the right track to bring the benefits of solid-state batteries to market.

Man holding 2 solid state batteries

Solid-State Batteries Are the Next Big Thing

Solid-state batteries have been called the next big thing in battery technology. Lighter, more compact, and more flexible than the lithium-ion batteries used in most EVs, solid-state batteries could enable the next generation of electric cars – giving them more range, more space, and making them cheaper to produce.

BMW is one of the most aggressive carmakers in pursuing alternatives to current battery technology. It continues to invest in hydrogen power, and its commitment to Solid Power is also significant. The company believes solid-state batteries have significant potential for the future, and it could be a big winner if Solid Power is one of the first to commercialize the promising new technology.

Building car batteries in factory

How Will BMW and Solid Power Produce Solid-State Batteries?

The next step in the companies’ agreement is the installation of a solid-state battery prototype line at BMW in Germany. BMW and Solid Power will share each other’s know-how to develop the manufacturing process for all-solid-state electrodes. Over time, once BMW’s prototype production line is up and running, Solid Power expects to supply its proprietary electrolyte material for cell production.

Over the past several months, Solid Power has begun delivering 20 Ah cells to its partners, including BMW, for initial testing. It has also commenced production in Colorado of its first solid-state electric vehicle cells.

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