Genesis Brings Biometric Recognition to the GV60 Electric SUV

Laurance Yap
January 16, 2023
The Genesis GV60 electric SUV, which was introduced in 2022, is getting some interesting enhancements for 2023. The most intriguing? Facial and fingerprint recognition systems that will let you unlock and start the vehicle without the key, or a smartphone app.
Inside the Genesis GV60 Electric SUV

Smartphone Tech for Your Genesis EV SUV

If you own a relatively recent smartphone, you’ve probably gotten used to unlocking it using your face. Smartphones seem to be at the forefront of identification: they quickly moved from four-digit passcodes to fingerprint recognition, increasing security along the way. Which begs the question: why don’t our cars unlock the same way?

Well, for the 2023 model year, Genesis, Hyundai’s high-end brand, is launching facial recognition in Europe as part of a suite of state-of-the-art biometric features on its all-electric GV60 SUV. In the rare occasion where you end up needing to get into your car and you don’t have your key, or your smartphone, with you, the GV60 will unlock with a simple look in its direction. How cool is that?

Biometric facial recognition on GV60 SUV

The Genesis GV60 Offers Cutting-Edge Biometric Tech

The 2023 Genesis GV60’s facial recognition feature is called Face Connect, and it gives drivers the ability to access their SUV simply by using their face. A facial recognition sensor, coupled with a “deep-learning” image processor, scans the driver’s face and compares it to an AI model stored in the car. Once the driver’s face is recognized, the simple tap of a capacitive button can unlock or lock the vehicle without a key fob.

Setting up the GV60 for facial recognition works the same way it would with a smartphone. The Genesis Connected Services (GCS) app is used to take the initial facial scan. The driver then completes their profile setup in the app, Once the driver is inside the car, they can start it using their fingerprint. The whole process is made easy thanks to an LED light on the GV60’s B-pillar, which communicates the status of the vehicle.

In terms of security, Genesis is quick to point out that biometric data – which could potentially be used to imitate the driver’s identity in a variety of situations ­– is never uploaded and stored remotely. All information is stored securely and is heavily encrypted in the vehicle itself, and managed using the GV60’s human-machine interface.

The upshot? If you want, the combination of facial and fingerprint recognition will let you access the GV60 and drive it without ever needing your keys. While it’s unlikely that most customers will ever leave home without keys (or their smartphone, which can also be used to unlock the car), keyless access is ideal for situations where the driver might be parking and engaging in outdoor activities like swimming, climbing or running, where carrying a physical key can be inconvenient.

GV60 Electric SUV parked in front of modern building

Other 2023 Genesis GV60 EV Enhancements

Like we mentioned, the 2023 GV60 also has a “digital key” which allows consumers to use their smartphone or even their smartwatch as the key to the vehicle. When this feature is enabled, the GV60 unlocks as the phone or watch approaches the vehicle, illuminating the puddle lamps and opening the side mirrors.

The best part of the digital key feature is that the owner can share access to their car with up to three additional drivers. A virtual key can be shared to other smartphones of friends and family. And the owner can even set time and geography limits for when those other digital keys can be used.

2023 Genesis GV60 models will also come with some additional improvements inside. The “ergo motion” driver seat with massage function as well as heated front and rear seats are now standard, along with a heated steering wheel. A new air purification system and improved ambient lighting make the interior a more comfortable place to be, as well.

Currently, facial recognition and the 2023 enhancements have only been announced for the European market Genesis GV60. We expect these enhancements to make their way to North America as well for the new model year. Watch this space!

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