Lincoln to Release First Electric SUV 2022

Kevin Jennings
August 23, 2021
Automaker Lincoln recently unveiled its Aviator-sized Zephyr Reflection all-electric SUV concept vehicle at the Shanghai Auto Show. There, Lincoln revealed its plans to move full speed ahead with a forward-thinking electrification plan surrounding electric cars.
Lincoln to Release First Electric SUV 2022

Lincoln's First Electric SUV Arrives in 2022

Think of Lincoln vehicles as the luxurious yet silent sister to Ford’s “Get ‘er done” all-American swaggering big brother image. While Ford has been roaring around, telling the world about its all-new Maverick compact pickup truck, or amazing the automotive press with its F-150 Lightning Electric pickup, Lincoln has been silently biding her time, waiting for the opportune moment to announce who is taking her to the prom. While Ford was showing off adventurous prowess with the new Bronco Sport and temping would-be Tesla owners away with the best-selling Mustang Mach-E, Lincoln remained quiet, smiling sweetly.

Lincoln first EV SUV
Photo Source: https://media.lincoln.com/content/lincolnmedia/lna/us/en/news/2021/04/19/lincoln-china-zephyr-reflection-preview-car.html

Lincoln Reveals Plans for First Electric SUV

Now the word is out. It appears that Lincoln has been very busy behind the scenes, preparing an assault on the SUV market, with an exciting new line of all-electric vehicles. The premium automaker recently unveiled its Aviator-sized Zephyr Reflection all-electric SUV concept vehicle at the Shanghai Auto Show to an amazed crowd of autophiles. Much like appearing in a stunning prom dress, Lincoln revealed its plans to move full speed ahead with a forward-thinking electrification plan.

To start with, as part of its 100th anniversary next year, the automaker will be rolling out the red carpet to debut its first full EV SUV carrying forward the design elements of the Zephyr Reflection concept. The new family hauler will be in showrooms mid-2022. It will also launch its Lincoln Intelligence System that when paired to a new phone app, will deliver “an enhanced suite of connected service” described as reinforcing an “always-on” relationship between the automaker and Lincoln owners.

The luxury auto marque tells us that half of its global vehicle output will be electrified by 2025 and that it will cease producing gasoline-powered vehicles by 2030. A full line of electric vehicles will be rolled out in the next few years that will be either rear-wheel drive, offering one electric motor, or all-wheel drive, offering two motors.

All of the new EV SUVs will utilize hands-free driving technology, similar to Ford’s BlueCruise highway driving system. Customers will only be able to use this feature on pre-scanned sections of highway and the driver will be monitored to make sure they are alert. In other words, you can’t take a nap while the vehicle is driving you around.

lincoln ev tail lights
Photo Source: https://media.lincoln.com/content/lincolnmedia/lna/us/en/news/2021/04/19/lincoln-china-zephyr-reflection-preview-car.html

Lincoln Will Also Offer a New Showroom Experience

Lincoln will also be changing the way it sells you these new all-electric wonders, offering a more upscale yet laid back approach to the dealership showroom experience. It plans to push online sales and update the dealers it already has. Lincoln says that last year, more than a third of its sales took place online and it will invest in ways to make online purchasing quick, easy and satisfying to the customer

Existing retail stores will be transformed into a more boutique experience, stepping away from the image of traditional fast-talking, hard-selling salesmen with slick-back hairstyles and plaid jackets, in favor of a quality, experiential buying experience that favors soft lighting, soft selling, high fashion furniture and perhaps free lattes for upscale potential buyers. Lincoln tells us that it has already opened 28 of these gallery-like vehicle sales centers and 50 more are on the way.

New, future-facing dealerships will offer the full line of all-electric luxury Lincolns. These SUVs will showcase “over-the-air” technology updates similar to the Mustang Mach-E and even be capable of semi-autonomous travel. While Ford may have been stealing the thunder with its F-150 Lightning, Lincoln, it seems, has been content to patiently plan its far-reaching vision for a greener, more sustainable, zero-emission future.

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