Scalar Performance’s Electric Race Car Ready to Rock in 2023

Laurance Yap
November 15, 2022
Canadian company Scalar Performance has introduced a new, all-electric race car targeted at amateur racers. Scheduled to hit tracks across America in 2023, it is based on the well-loved Toyota GR86/Subaru BRZ, but with a powerful electric motor and 65-kWh battery.
scalar performance electric car parked on a race track

SEMA Introduction for All-Electric Race Car

The Specialty Equipment Manufacturers Association (SEMA) show in Las Vegas is one of the auto industry’s largest trade shows. It focuses on the automotive aftermarket, with large sections devoted to off-roading, vehicle customization, and performance. This year, one of the most interesting areas of the show was SEMA electrified, a showcase of customized and high-performance electric vehicles. Sitting amongst the highly-accessorized Lightning pickups and the Teslas with aftermarket add-ons was a modest but beautifully-finished race car – the Scalar Performance SCR1.

An all-electric race car targeted at amateur racers, SCR1 is based on the platform of the well-loved Toyota GR86/Subaru BRZ, which has earned a reputation for exceptional handling and driver-friendliness. Scalar performance removes the flat-four gasoline engine, fuel tank, and transmission. They are replaced by a T-shaped battery that starts in what used to be the engine bay, fills the transmission tunnel, with the top of the “T” behind the passenger compartments. The electric motor is also positioned in the rear, and drives the rear wheels.

Scalar SCR1 on race track

An Electric Race Car with a High-Performance 800-Volt Powertrain

The SCR1 has been engineered to provide drivers with the same feeling of a mid-engine, gasoline-powered powered race car; its weight distribution is 45% front, 55% rear. The Hypercraft 800-volt powertrain provides an exhilarating 345 lb-ft of torque from its 328-hp electric motor. The SCR1 is capable of a top speed of 165 mph, with the 0-60 mph run completed in 3.9 seconds.

Still the car is designed for fast lap times, not impressive spec sheet numbers. The electric power is put to the ground through a limited-slip differential, and a bespoke suspension has been built by racing specialist Öhlins specifically for the SCR1.

“Both Joel and myself are amateur racers, so it was natural for us to apply a user-centered design process in building the SCR1. We want a purist driving experience that requires minimal maintenance and allows the team to focus on course setup and driver development,” said Brian Bourne, Scalar Performance co-founder.

The Scalar SCR1 comes equipped with battery management technology from Hypercraft. The company says this means the driver gets to enjoy every minute of racing possible out of the 65-kWh battery pack. Instead of measuring range, which would be more relevant for a street car, Scalar quotes a racing autonomy of 45 minutes – meaning the car can be run flat-out around a racetrack for the full length of a sprint race. Charging speeds are quick too – the company claims an estimated recharge time of less than 20 minutes on a Level 3 charger at 150 kW.

First Electric Car Approved for Club Racing

Designed and built by tech entrepreneur Brian Bourne and car builder Joel Fallaise in collaboration with engineering partners Hypercraft and Ettractive, the SCR1 is the first electric vehicle approved by the National Auto Sport Association (NASA) for road racing in their Super Touring Series.

“As an organization, NASA is constantly looking to evolve to provide the best amateur racing in the country. We are very excited to have worked with Scalar Performance to add the first all-electric touring race car to our Super Touring Series ensuring we continue innovating and attracting new drivers to motorsport,” said NASA Chief Operating Officer Jeremy Croiset.

Drivers of all skill levels will geek out on the SCR1’s telemetry and driver data technologies. Designed into the car’s electronics from the start, they allow in-depth analysis of performance, and are useful tools to help drivers improve their lap times.

Safety is also a top priority for the SCR1. The new electric race car meets and exceeds international FIA safety requirements. Scalar has invested in industry-leading thermal management and runaway prevention, and the company claims it is one of the safest battery-electric vehicles ever built. The Lifeline fire suppression system, with Novec 1230 suppressant integrated through the battery pack, is also another industry first. An eight-point roll cage has been custom-designed and built by VR3 Engineering for increased strength and rapid ingress/egress.

Toyota Scalar SCR1 on race track

Scalar Has 10 Cars Available for 2023

The first edition of the SCR1 electric race car will be limited to ten Founder Edition race cars ready to hit the track in summer 2023.

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