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Best Family Electric Cars

Dave Nichols
July 10, 2023
Looking for an all-electric car that is reliable and safe to get move your family around? Here’s our top three best electric cars to get you and yours where you need to go.
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What Are Today's Top-Rated Family Electric Cars?

The world of all-electric cars is changing rapidly. In 2021, we announced our pick of overall best family EV and the winner was Volkswagen’s excellent ID.4. The sensible SUV for the masses ticked all the boxes and is still in our top five best crossover EVs. But the number of all-new electric vehicles keep coming, and for 2022, our pick of the best Family EV went to the amazing Ford Mustang Mach-E.

The following list represents our GreenCars choice of the top three best family EVs available, all offer astounding tech in family-friendly packages, for an affordable price. Let’s begin with the Ford Mach-E.

Mustang Mach-E

The galloping stallion nameplate is the stuff of legends, right up there with its rivals the Chevy Camaro and Porsche 911. But the Mustang Mach-E is no steel thoroughbred of days past. The sports car namesake is now a four-door, all-electric crossover SUV with a 68- or 88-kilowatt hour battery pack as well as a single or double electric motor layout. Depending on the trim level you choose, the new Mustang comes with 266 or up to 480 horsepower.

Those five trim levels run the gamut from the entry level Select and California Route 1 with its bigger battery and an EPA-estimated 300-mile range, to the Premium that adds more features and horsepower, all the way up to the GT and GT Performance variants known for their blistering speed. Base level MSRP starts at $43,895, dropping by $7,500 thanks to the tax credit for electric vehicles.

Styling on the Mach-E is impressive. This is one smart-looking SUV with more than a nod to Mustang styling of the past. The tri-bar lights have been a Mustang signature since 1964. But that’s where the comparison ends. Though it’s odd to see a Mustang without a front grill, we found the electric pop-out door handles a nice touch. The body lines are as sleek and clean as you can possibly make a crossover and it feels more like a coupe.

In fact, the Mach-E is a hatchback with 29 cubic feet of storage space in the back that grows to 59 cubic feet with the rear seats stowed away. There is also underfloor storage for the onboard tire air compressor and charge cord.

Press the door release button and the driver’s door pops open to reveal a high-styled cabin. It is crisp and clean with very few knobs or buttons to see. That’s because the main focus is on a massive 15-5-inch touchscreen that handles everything from the heated seats, heated steering wheel, and climate control, to the long list of advanced driver assist wonders that come close to autonomous driving.

MSRP starts at $45,995

Hyundai Ioniq 5

Coming in a close second for Best Family EV of 2022, we find the all-new for 2022 Hyundai Ioniq 5. It is the first in an entire line of Ioniq EVs to come and this one parallels the Mach-E in many ways. They are both compact crossovers with advanced technology, cool styling, and roomy interiors. They offer similar range, the Ioniq 5 boasts a 303-mile range before it needs a charge up, and also has impressive charging speeds (up to 350 kW). The starting MSRP price is less expensive than the Mustang, starting at $39,950.

Like the Mach-E, the Ioniq 5 is available in a number of configurations including single motor or dual motor for rear-wheel or all-wheel drive, making 168 or 320 horsepower, respectively. But the Ioniq 5 is much slower than the Mustang from zero to 60. The hottest AWD version manages a time of 5.2 seconds. Plus, the ‘Stang is superior to the Ioniq in build quality, suspension, and steering. 

The Ioniq 5 is a great family car, with plenty of cabin and cargo space and front seats that recline. Place your feet on the footrests to relax. It is the winner of the World Car Award for Best Car and features eco-friendly and sustainably sourced materials inside. And with a 350 kw charger, the Ioniq 5 can charge from 10 to 80 percent in just 18 minutes!

MSRP starts at $41,450

Volkswagen ID.4

To find the best electric vehicles for families, we examined a number of contenders. These included Audi’s incredible Q4 e-tron. But with a starting price of over 70K, we were hoping for vehicles that are more affordable for a family of four.

Enter the Volkswagen ID.4. The clever crossover comes in at third place this time around in our list of best family EVs due to its overall likeability. It isn’t the fastest electric SUV and it isn’t the most luxurious. It is, however, an excellent middle-of-the-road family vehicle that is available at an affordable price.

The base model has an MSRP of just $37,495 before getting local, state and federal rebates and tax credits for owning an electric car. Plus, it has many of the elements that families will be looking for in an electric car as an everyday driver, namely plenty of space, the latest safety and infotainment technology, and a range of 250 miles between charges.

MSRP starts at $38,995

Let GreenCars Help

With so many amazing all-electric cars available today, you can do your research and find the vehicle that suits your family’s needs by using our Buyer’s Guide.