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Owner's Story: Amber's Chevy Bolt

Dave Nichols
June 26, 2023
We recently interviewed Amber, a mental health therapist who lives in Ashland, Oregon, with her husband and two amazing daughters, about her experience buying and owning a Chevy Bolt.
Amber's new chevy volt

Meet Amber and Her Chevy Bolt EV

GreenCars offers a place for EV enthusiasts to share their thoughts and excitement over owning an all-electric or hybrid vehicle. We recently interviewed Amber, a mental health therapist who lives in Ashland, Oregon, with her husband and two amazing daughters.

Amber had been contemplating buying or leasing an EV for some time and had reached out to us on the subject. We explained the excellent lease deals going on for the Chevy Bolt EV. Amber went out the next day and brought home a new Bolt! Rather than lease the car, she told us that the offers for purchasing the car were too good to pass up.

Having owned the Bolt for a few months, we asked Amber to tell our EV community on GreenCars about her experience as a new electric vehicle owner. Here’s what she had to say...

Amber family photo in front of a Chevy Bolt
Mila (bottom), Luna (top left) and Amber (top right and proud owner)

Why a Chevy Bolt?

I have heard that the Chevy Bolt has a reputation for being a good electric car. They were in my price range and I think they are cute (Yeah, that was a factor!). I wanted a four door vehicle but one that was small and efficient, mostly for commuting, but also big enough to fit my family or my daughters and a friend or two.

Chevy Bolt interior dashboard and tech

What Incentives Did You Receive?

I feel like I got a great deal. There were over $15,000 of rebates off the sticker price (including a Costco rebate and a benefit for working in education, among others). I was also able to qualify for an interest free loan for seven years. That was a big bonus!

Chevy Bolt parked outside office building next to people

Are you pleased with your purchase?

Yes, I am very pleased with my purchase. I love my new car.

Chevy Bolt infotainment system showing energy remaining

What’s Your Favorite Thing About the Bolt?

It is fun to drive. I love the way I can drive it in ‘L mode’ and regenerate a lot of energy as I go. I am amazed at how long I can drive around town between charges. Maybe the thing I love the most is that I will never have to go to a gas station again. That feels like something that is good for the environment and also good for my bank account.

Chevy Bolt wireless charging iPhone

What Surprised You About Driving Electric?

It has a lot of power and is so smooth to drive. It's quiet and so high tech!

Chevy Bolt rear tail lights profile

How Often Do You Charge?

I charge it fully and then get down to about 175 miles left on the charge about five to seven days later and plug it back in. This way, it takes a while to charge (maybe a daytime and overnight) - but that works for me because some days I work from home and then by the next day I'm ready for another week of driving.

Light Blue Chevy Bolt parked outside in driveway

Do You Only Charge at Home?

I have only had to charge it at home so far, but I can imagine taking it on a longer trip and using public chargers to charge quickly and keep going. We talk about going to Portland in it and stopping in Eugene for lunch while we charge. Sounds fun!

Chevy Bolt parked outside restaurant next to couple

Has Owning an Electric Car Changed How You Think About Transportation?

I had to undo the habit of going to a gas station. I pay attention to how I drive - it's fun to challenge myself to use less energy and regenerate it as I go. I notice the old gas cars that smell bad; it's really not fun to get stuck behind them on the road.

Chevy Bolt front headlights and bumper profile

Are You Likely to Buy Another EV in the Future?

Yes, definitely. I look forward to the ways that the technology is advancing quickly. I actually don't see myself ever buying a gas car again.

Thanks Amber! If you’d like to share your EV adventures, we’d love to hear from you. Just send an email to info@GreenCars.com. We’d love to see a photo of you with your electric car, too!

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