GMC Confirms New EV Pickup Truck

Dave Nichols
October 15, 2021
The battle for EV truck supremacy is heating up with GMC announcing the development of a new, full size, all-electric pickup truck following the wake of its mighty Hummer EV.
GMC EV Pickup Truck in Forest

GMC Confirms New EV Pickup Truck

Hot on the heels of Chevrolet’s announcement unveiling a new all-electric Silverado pickup truck to do battle with the Ford F-150 Lightning EV pickup, GMC recently confirmed an all-new EV pickup of its own. According to GMC vice president Duncan Aldred, a full-size all-electric pickup truck will follow in the wake of its mighty Hummer EV. Looks like the battle for EV pickup supremacy is heating up.

GMC Hummer EV

The GMC EV truck will likely be similar to its beefy Sierra 1500 gasoline model. Since both GMC and Chevy are owned by General Motors, it is very likely that the GMC electric truck will utilize many of the same components found in the Silverado EV. General Motors will use its Ultium battery packs married to one or two electric motor options. Rumor has it that the GMC EV truck may have a range of up to 350 miles before you’ll need a recharge.

Since Ford’s F-150 Lightning EV truck has a starting MSRP of under $60,000, we’d hazard a guess that the GM Chevy Silverado and GMC electric trucks with follow that price point in order to stay competitive in the marketplace. While the new truck is as yet unnamed, we think they should call it the Thunderbolt to go up against Ford’s Lightning. The new EV utility hauler is slated to arrive in showrooms in early 2024.

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