Lotus Launches World’s Fastest EV Chargers

Laurance Yap
December 4, 2023
On the heels of introducing two of the world's fastest EVs, British brand Lotus has just introduced the world's fastest EV chargers. Launching in China this year, they will expand to Europe, the Middle East, and other markets in 2024.
Lotus Flash Charge liquid cooled charger

Lotus Launches World's Fastest EV Chargers

Hot on the heels of announcing its ultra-fast, ultra-powerful Eletre SUV and Emeya sedan, Lotus has launched public charging stations that offer the fastest charging speeds in the world. The company’s new high-speed Level 3 DC chargers can charge at up to 450 kW, and can charge up to four vehicles at once.

Designed for businesses to implement at desirable locations, the new high-speed chargers are a new line of business for Lotus, which has diversified greatly from making low-volume sports cars to electric vehicles with four doors. The brand plans to be fully electric by 2028.

Lotus flash charge and battery storage system

High Speed Charging Tech

The first Lotus fast chargers have already been deployed in China (its parent company, Geely, is based there), with Europe and the Middle East being rolled out in 2024. The chargers can take multiple configurations, and contain impressive technology including:

  • 450 kW charging capability, which with a compatible vehicle can add close to 89 miles of charge within just five minutes.
  • The ability to deliver a 10 to 80 percent charge in just 20 minutes on compatible vehicles like the Lotus Eletre.
  • Liquid cooling for the DC fast charger to maintain high charging speeds.
  • A liquid-cooled, modular power cabinet that helps the system increase efficiency and minimize charging time. Essentially, the power cabinet contains a large battery that can charge more slowly from the grid, but deliver it in quick bursts to EVs being charged.
  • The ability to charge up to four vehicles at once.

Liquid cooling enables the Lotus charger solutions to deliver fast charging speeds to electric cars consistently and reliably. While it adds some complexity and expense, liquid cooling enables the Lotus chargers to be the fastest currently on the market. Indeed, the 450-kW capability that the new chargers deliver exceeds the 350-kW capability of the Eletre and Emeya; Lotus says that the chargers are future-proof, enabling faster charging for all future EVs. While the chargers are Lotus-branded, they will be able to charge any vehicle with a compatible plug.

Lotus Eletre electric SUV parked by a river

Easily Upgraded Chargers

The chargers themselves have a modular design. Lotus says that when the grid can support it, they can be easily upgraded to even faster charging speeds without additional hardware costs – making it easy to stay current.

Charging solutions are part of a massive transformation underway at Lotus, from a low-volume maker of niche sports cars into a serious player in the luxury space. Prior to the introduction of the Eletre electric SUV, global sales volumes were fewer than 2,000 units a year; now the company has an order bank of close to 20,000 vehicles and is on track to deliver more vehicles in 2023 than in any year of its history.

Lotus Emeya exterior yellow

Lotus Eletre and Lotus Emeya EVs

The Eletre SUV and Emeya super-sedan share an all-new, all-electric platform that offer all-wheel drive, up to 905 hp (horsepower) from two electric motors, a sophisticated air suspension, and active aerodynamics, among other innovations. In addition to incredible acceleration, they have class-leading charging capability thanks to an 800-volt electrical system and 350-kW fast charging ability.

While their 102-kWh battery means neither the Eletre or Emeya are exactly lightweight, Lotus, a company known for its cleaver engineering, has worked hard to keep mass as low as possible. The two vehicles are also constructed quite sustainably, using plenty of recycled materials inside and out. The interior features PVD aluminum, Alcantara synthetic suede, and “ultrafabrics” instead of leather – they are luxurious but light, enhancing performance and sustainability as well as luxury.

Impressive technology features in both the Emeya and Eletre. They include:

  • Integrated road-noise cancellation that uses exterior sensors to generate “anti-phase” acoustic signals through the stereo to make the interior even quieter.
  • A high-end KEF audio system with Dolby Atmos surround-sound.
  • A giant 55-inch diagonal heads-up display that projects augmented reality navigation directions, turn signals, and warnings onto the windshield.
  • A driver assistance suite that uses LIDAR, radar, high-definition cameras and ultrasonic sensors to keep drivers and passengers safe.
  • Level 4 autonomous driving capability, where allowed by legislation – meaning the Lotus Eletre and Emeya can drive parts of journeys without the driver’s hands on the wheel.

All told, the Lotus of the future will be very different from the Lotus of the past, as its new vehicles and innovative chargers demonstrate. One thing is for certain: that future looks very exciting indeed.

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