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Previewing the 2024 Lotus Emeya Electric GT

Laurance Yap
September 21, 2023
Lotus, a company known for its lightweight sports cars, is re-imagining itself as a luxury lifestyle brand with a focus on electric vehicles. The four-door Emeya combines impressive performance and tech in a stylish package.
2024 Lotus Emeya Electric GT in yellow

Big, Fast Sedan From Lotus: The Emeya Electric

Lotus, the British sports car maker that became famous for its lightweight, efficient two-seaters, has unveiled its next all-electric model. Following on the heels of the high-performance Eletre SUV, the Emeya is a sleek, four-door sedan that the company calls a “hyper GT.” Big, expensive, and packed with technology, it is very different from the simple, lightweight sports cars of Lotus’ past. But it still delivers sports car levels of performance and handling for the electric age.

2024 Lotus Emeya Electric GT in yellow driving, back view

Lotus Emeya: Performance and Charging

One thing is for sure: the Emeya will be fast. The top-spec model has a high-performance setup with two electric motors and all-wheel drive. Total power output for the top model is 905 hp, and 0-60 mph takes less than three seconds, making it one of the fastest-accelerating four-doors in the world. It can reach a top speed of 155 mph as well.

In addition to speed, Lotus says that the Emeya will deliver handling and responsiveness that are familiar to drivers of lightweight Lotus sports cars. While the 102-kWh battery is necessarily heavy, it is set very low in the car, contributing to a center of gravity that makes the Emeya incredibly stable. An electronically-controlled air suspension has sensors that red the road a thousand times a second to automatically adjust the suspension to deliver a smooth ride and confident cornering.

Advanced aerodynamic features like an movable front “grille,” rear diffuser and rear spoiler help keep the Emeya stuck to the road while also improving efficiency when cruising. Lotus has yet to announce an EPA-estimated range, but the Emeya does have class-leading charging capability. With an 800-volt electrical system, it can charge at up to 350 kW on a compatible Level 3 fast charger, which lets it take on almost 100 miles of range in just five minutes. Charging from 10 to 80 percent is claimed to take just 18 minutes.

2024 Lotus Emeya Electric GT interior

Sustainable, High-Tech Interior

In addition to zero tailpipe emissions, Lotus has worked hard to ensure that the Emeya’s construction is as sustainable as possible, to reduce the carbon footprint of its production. This is particularly true of the interior, which is decorated with advanced, sustainably-sourced materials.

A new type of thread made from recycled materials from the fashion industry has been used, alongside PVD aluminum, Alcantara, and “ultrafabrics” available as an option instead of leather. The advanced fabrics are not only more sustainable, but Lotus claims they also save weight compared to leather – enhancing performance while reducing the car’s carbon footprint.

The design of the interior is beautifully simple, with an abbreviated instrument cluster and a large central screen that houses an intuitive infotainment system. The already-silent running of an electric car is further improved by an integrated electronic road-noise cancellation (RNC) system that uses vibration sensors on the outside of the vehicle to generate “anti-phase” acoustic signals to reduce audible interference inside. A high-end KEF audio system with Dolby Atmos surround-sound is thus able to fill the cabin with gorgeous, concert-hall sound.

The Emeya’s heads-up display is one of the biggest in the business, projecting critical information onto the windshield on a 55-inch diagonal area, including augmented reality navigation directions, turn signals, obstacle warnings, lane departure warnings, pre-collision alert, and more.

Latest Driver Assistance Tech

The Lotus Emeya comes with the same advanced suite of driver assistance systems that are fitted to the Eletre SUV. There are dozens of sensors including LIDAR, radar, high-definition cameras, and ultrasonic sensors which give the vehicle a 360-degree view of what is going on around it, so it can assist drivers and keep them safe. As legislation allows, the suite of sensors will also allow the Emeya to deliver Level 4 autonomous driving capability – meaning it can drive parts of journeys with the driver’s hands off the wheel.

The Emeya has highway assist technology, which is designed to make long distance drives more comfortable. The tech not only maintains a set speed and a safe distance from the vehicle in front, but can actually steer around bends while keeping the electric SUV centered in its lane. A driver monitoring system helps alert the driver if the car finds they are not focused on the road.

2024 Lotus Emeya Electric GT back view by mountainous landscape

New Flagship EV

The Emeya, which was unveiled to the public in New York City, will be the flagship model in Lotus’ lineup of electric vehicles, which the company is positioning as lifestyle models. Production is set to begin in 2024, with pricing and delivery dates to be announced later this year.