New Nyobolt EV and Fast Charging Battery Technology

Laurance Yap
June 27, 2023
If you could refuel an EV as fast as a gasoline car, that EV wouldn't need as large a battery, which would make it lighter and more efficient. British company Nyovolt has just unveiled a new sports car concept that can charge in just 6 minutes.
Nyobolt EV parked next to and plugged into an EV charging station

How Fast Can an EV Charge?

Nyobolt, a UK-based developer of battery systems, has revealed an advanced new battery technology that it claims will transform electric vehicles. The company claims its new batteries, which debuted in a new concept sports car, can charge in less than six minutes to deliver a range of 155 EPA estimated miles – a new record in charging speed.

Depending on the application, the new technology could enable the next generation of electric cars incorporating Nyobolt’s technology to be as convenient to refuel as gasoline cars – a significant barrier to adoption for many potential buyers.

Faster recharging times could also mean that automakers would not have to keep building bigger and bigger batteries into EVs; if they’re as quick to refuel as gas, they won’t need such big batteries. Altogether, Nyobolt says that the result would be lighter, more efficient electric cars with a lower up-front cost, reduced operating costs, and that use less critical minerals.

Nyobolt EV Sports Car Concept

To showcase its new battery technology, Nyobolt partnered with Callum, a design firm based in the UK led by former Jaguar/Land Rover and Aston Martin chief designer Ian Callum. Julian Thomson, a designer at Callum, penned a beautiful, compact sports car inspired by the Lotus Elise that incorporates the new Nyobolt batteries.

Nyobolt / CALLUM EV Sports Car Concept

Wider, longer, and lower than the Elise, the Nyobolt EV manages to remain incredibly lightweight thanks to its use of aluminum and composites. A system-level approach, looking at materials, battery design, drivetrain, and other components, ensured each element was optimized to work with the whole car. The final design retains a high power-to-weight ratio for excellent performance and handling in a gorgeous package.

Because it weighs just over one metric ton, or just over 2,200 pounds, it makes very good use of its small 35-kWh battery. That battery delivers the headline stats of 155 EPA estimated miles of range, but a charging speed of under six minutes. Nyobolt notes that the charging speed is the equivalent of over 1,600 EPA estimated miles of charging per hour plugged in – more than double the fastest-charging cars on the road today.

Making EVs Lighter and Less Expensive

The Nyobolt EV is symbolic of the company’s vision, which is to solve the core problems at the heart of electric cars – which continue to hinder their widespread adoption. At the moment, EV batteries are big, heavy, and costly – putting EVs themselves out of reach for many buyers and putting heavier and less efficient cars on the road. Customers’ desire for convenience has driven electric cars towards large battery packs which place a strain on the supply of raw materials.

Co-founded in 2019 by Professor Clare Grey and CEO Dr. Sai Shivareddy, Nyobolt takes a systems-level approach to developing its fast-charging batteries. It claims pioneering work in materials, cell designs, efficiency, software control, and power electronics.

A faster-charging battery, with refueling speed on par with gasoline, will alleviate much of that strain, and translate to a nimbler, more efficient, more fun-to-drive EV with:

  • Lower upfront costs
  • Lower running costs
  • Lower weight
  • Lower requirements for scarce and expensive raw materials

Nyobolt says that its rapid-charging batteries do not make sacrifices in terms of longevity and degradation. They were tested over 2,000 fast-charge cycles without significant performance loss. The company also says its tech is not limited to small batteries; larger packs such as those for luxury cars, trucks, or buses could benefit from its tech, and could also be charged in just a few minutes.

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