Rivian Electric Trucks are Coming

Dave Nichols
May 4, 2021
Rivian, a new American start-up focused on electric vehicles, has previewed two impressive new models: the R1T pickup truck and the R1S SUV. They combine a dedicated architecture with impressive performance and many unique features.
Rear view of Rivian truck driving up dirt road

Rivian's New Electric Trucks

The exciting new Rivian R1T electric pickup truck promises a driving range of 250 to 400 miles between charges depending on which battery pack you choose. The plan is to start delivering the futuristic premium vehicle later in 2021. Launch Edition pricing starts at $75,000 but a more affordable Explore trim version will debut in 2022. The Max battery pack boosts range to an amazing 400 miles but will cost you an extra $10,000. Rather than create Rivian dealerships, the trucks will be sold directly to customers with servicing available through a network similar to Tesla stores. There are also plans for a seven-passenger SUV version called the R1S that will be built on the same platform.

Rivian truck on rocky mountain

The Rivian R1T EV is Capable of a Tank Turn: What Does that Mean? 

A hot rod version of the truck is planned that will boast 754 horsepower and a zero to 60 mph time of three seconds. Each axle is powered by its own electric motor making all-wheel-drive standard on all of the R1T variants. Adjustable air suspension will come standard as well and allow you to adjust clearance height from eight to 14 inches.

Because every version of the R1T has all-wheel-drive and an electric motor at each wheel, the truck is capable of something that the engineers at Rivian call a “Tank Turn.” This apparently allows you to set the electric motors to rotate the left wheels in the opposite direction of the right wheels in order to spin the truck around on its axis. In other words, it can spin around in circles like a top to eliminate 18-point turns in tight spaces. Imagine what this thing can do off road.

Two Rivian trucks, hero pose in natural landscape

Three Different EV Battery Options

According to Rivian, the R1T will be available with any of three different battery packs. These range from 105-kWh to a 135-kWh pack and even a mighty 180-kWh set-up that is the largest battery pack available anywhere. The 105 will give you a range of 250 miles, the 135 will boost range to 300 miles, and the big 180 will offer 400 miles of range. That is important to know because the R1T will pull more than 11,000 pounds and offer a payload capacity of 1,760 pounds. Naturally, towing heavy trailers will drain battery time faster, so buyers who are planning to use the Rivian’s towing prowess might want to opt for the biggest battery pack.

Interior of Rivian R1T

A Look Inside a Luxurious Rivian R1T Interior

Unlike many mass-produced vehicles, the R1T sports a premium interior that feels custom made and luxurious. The cabin is decked out in rich leather, quality wood, and large screen displays for the gauge cluster and the infotainment system. Because the batteries and motors are beneath you, there is plenty of room for storage. There’s a very large trunk under the hood area, a big storage compartment behind the cab and in front of the rear bed, and a compartment in the bed that is lockable. All told, there is 12 cubic feet of storage space. There’s even a portable kitchen feature. You’ll also find a pop-out flashlight, three 110-volt outlets and an air compressor onboard. Did we mention that the rear tailgate drops all the way down to the ground for easy access?

Rivian’s infotainment system is unique yet easy to use and includes Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, and a WiFi hotspot as standard. You’ll notice there are very few knobs in an R1T. Everything is adjustable on the touchscreens. The company’s driver assist suite of features is called Driver+ (an auto pilot system) and includes automated emergency braking, lane-departure warning and adaptive cruise control all as standard equipment.

Rivian truck with bed camper and grill, two people

Many Adventures Await You in the Rivian R1T Electric Truck

R.J. Scaringe and the team at Rivian believe in creating electric vehicles for active lifestyles. You can carry all your stuff to the adventure of your dreams, no matter what that is for you. Because all of the components to make these vehicles are scalable, you’ll soon see Amazon cargo trucks bearing the Rivian badge as Amazon is a major investor and has ordered over 100,000 delivery vans.

As the Rivian mission statement proclaims, “Keep the world adventurous forever.” The R1T is incredibly well thought out and we can’t wait to put one through its paces. For more information visit https://rivian.com.

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