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A Sneak Peek at the Sleek Volkswagen ID.7

Laurance Yap
Jul 2023
Volkswagen will be launching 10 all-electric models between now and 2026. The ID.7, previewed at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, teases a large sedan that will reach the U.S. in 2024. It has a beautiful, spacious interior and Volkswagen claims an EPA-estimated range of up to 435 miles.
ID.7 concept car on showroom floor

Aerodynamic Sedan Teased at CES: Volkswagen ID.7

CES – so named because its origins were as a consumer electronics show – has become a hot spot for vehicle manufacturers to showcase the latest in automotive technology. Over the years, more and more car companies have used the Las Vegas trade show as the launch pad for new electric vehicles. At the 2023 edition, Volkswagen teased a new electric car that will launch in 2024. It’s big, it’s sleek, and it’s called the ID.7.

The first fully-electric sedan in the Volkswagen lineup, the ID.7 is based on the company’s modular electric drive matrix, which is called MEB. At the show, it was cloaked in pixelated camouflage, to symbolize the next step in the digitization of the brand. Underneath the snazzy paintwork is an aerodynamic, spacious five-seater that Volkswagen claims will offer an EPA-estimated range of up to 435 miles on the European WTLP testing cycle.

With the mainstream ID.4 SUV already on sale, and the eagerly-anticipated ID.Buzz van on its way to U.S. shores, Volkswagen is committed to offering electrified options for customers in every segment. The ID.7 pushes Volkswagen’s electrification play upmarket – and will be one of 10 new electric models the brand plans to launch by 2026.

Volkswagen ID.7 driving along country side

ID.7 Offers Amazing Space

This model's design follows in the footsteps of other Volkswagen ID models. Key elements include the aerodynamic front section and roof, which help to improve efficiency and increase range. Air intakes located either side of the front end guide air down the sides of the vehicle to the rear, forming an “air curtain” along the sides of the vehicle.

Like other models in the ID family, the ID.7 is based VW’s dedicated MEB electric platform. Designed from the ground up for batteries and compact motors, the MEB platform offers exceptional space efficiency. It has short overhangs, and an exceptionally long wheelbase which liberates an amazing amount of space inside. While the ID.7 has the manageable exterior dimensions of a midsize sedan, its interior is as large as a full-size luxury car, with an especially spacious feel.

Volkswagen ID.7 interior Tech and Steering

Innovative Technology and Safety

While the digital camouflage obscures some of the ID.7’s details on the outside, Volkswagen was happy to show off its gorgeous interior at CES. Responding to consumer feedback on the ID.4, which we’ve reviewed here at GreenCars, the ID.7’s user experience has been improved in numerous areas, with much better ergonomics.

Indeed, a host of innovations come as standard in the ID.7. The center control screen is larger – now 15 inches – and the air conditioning touch sliders built into its base are now backlit. The larger screen also offers easier access and use of its many functions thanks to its larger size.

New to the ID.7 is a nifty augmented-reality head-up display. It not only projects the usual information like road speed, direction, and warning icons, but also has an augmented-reality function that overlays navigation directions directly onto the road in the driver’s view. Augmented reality makes it almost impossible to misinterpret the navigation system’s directions, making for easier travel.

The new air conditioning system also offers a number of functions thanks to “intelligent vents.” For instance, the VW ID.7 can detect when the driver is approaching the car based on the presence of their key, and will start to heart or cool the interior even before the driver arrives. The vents also better control the flow of air, and move dynamically to distribute heated or cooled air over large areas as quickly as possible – which improves efficiency and range.

If there are passengers in the car, the air vents can be directed straight to the body or set to ventilate the interior indirectly. Functions are visible at all times on the larger display, and can also be activated and saved individually for each user.

Special requests can even be activated using voice commands. If the driver says, “hello Volkswagen, my hands are cold,” the ID.7 can respond by activating the steering wheel heating and directing warm air is directed towards the driver’s hands.

Volkswagen ID.7 parked in front of seattle skyline

Production Begins at the End of 2023

At CES in Las Vegas, VW is showcasing the ID.7 in a digital camouflage. Over 40 layers of paint have been applied, some of which are conductive, while others have insulating properties. As such, it actually can light itself up interactively. 22 areas of the vehicle can be controlled separately, and are electrified below the top layer of paint. When connected to a sound system, the whole car can visually pulsate with the music.

The final production version of the ID.7, which will be shown at the end of 2023, won’t offer this functionality to customers. But we’re excited to see what it looks like before it goes on sale on our shores in 2024.