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BMW's New iX1 Compact Electric SUV

Laurance Yap
June 27, 2023
With the third generation of its popular compact SUV, BMW has not only completely redesigned the gasoline X1 - but is also introducing an all-electric model as part of the lineup. It's called the new iX1.
iX1xDrive30 Driving

Electrifying One of BMW’s Bestsellers: the iX1

With its attractive looks and versatile and spacious interior, the successful BMW X1 has been a very popular seller – embodying a sense of freedom and independence, with a touch of luxury, in day-to-day driving. Drivers have enjoyed its sophisticated ambience and BMW driving dynamics for two generations. Now, with the third generation, BMW has not only completely redesigned the X1 powered by gasoline, but is also introducing an all-electric model as part of the lineup, the new iX1.

The iX1 xDrive30, to give the model its full name, sits alongside a number of gasoline options as well as plug-in hybrid models. It will be built at the BMW Group’s plant in Regensburg, Germany, where versions with combustion engines, plug-in hybrids and all-electric drive will all roll off the same assembly line.

BMW’s iX1 will bring the experience of emissions-free BMW driving fun to one of the fastest-growing vehicle segments in the world – and it will be priced to make it accessible to a very wide target audience. The compact crossover, powered by the latest BMW eDrive technology, will be a major player in BMW’s accelerated sustainability push. Not only does the iX1’s electric drive reduce vehicle emissions to zero, but the factory itself and its supply chain benefit from the increased use of green energy as well as the used of secondary raw and natural materials.

White BMW iX1 Driving Along the Coastline

BMW iX1: Horsepower and Electric Range

Coming with standard all-wheel drive, the BMW iX1 is the first all-wheel-drive EV introduced by the brand in the premium compact segment. Two integrated drive units – one on the front and one on the rear axle – deliver a combined output of 313 hp and an impressive torque figure of 364 lb-ft. The electric all-wheel-drive system delivers excellent traction in all situations, and can dash to 62 mph in just 5.7 seconds.

Now in its fifth generation, BMW’s eDrive technology, first introduced on the i3 almost a decade ago, comes with highly efficient charging technology – including the improved charging software found in the flagship BMW i7. It feeds a high-voltage battery that is positioned in the vehicle’s flat underbody, whose high energy density gives the car a BMW-estimated range of 257 to 272 miles depending on specification, more than enough for everyday driving. For drivers that want the flexibility and convenience of gasoline for long trips, and zero emissions in the city, plug-in hybrid versions are available too.

BMW iX1 interior steering and tech screen

Packed with Technology

Electric driving is combined with multiple technological advances  – and a far greater variety of automated driving and parking systems are available. Standard features include cruise control with automatic braking, a frontal collision warning system that is capable of detecting oncoming traffic when turning left, and pedestrians and cyclists when turning right. The new parking assistant includes a reversing assist camera, and is also standard equipment.

The list of optional features includes the a lane keeping assistant that can steer you back into your lane, active cruise control with stop-and-go function, a heads-up display, as well as the surround view, remote 3D view, and interior and exterior cameras for security. Functions can now be upgraded by over the air software updates, which also enables drivers to add new functions to the vehicle after purchase.

The iX1 also features the latest-generation BMW iDrive system, one of the best infotainment systems in the industry. It is combined with a new curving dash display with twin screens, state-of-the-art graphics and the new BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant. Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are integrated. Standard equipment also includes navigation, two-zone automatic climate control, and a rain sensor with automatic headlight activation, four USB-C ports, two 12V power sockets, and more.

BMW iX1 rear burgundy seats

Sustainable Interiors

Inside the iX1, a raised seating position is combined with a choice of sustainable interior materials such as Sensatec synthetic leather upholstery. The “floating” armrest includes an integral control panel and smartphone charging tray at the front of the center console. A choice of seats ranges from super-comfortable to super-sporty. The rear seats are more spacious and comfortable than the previous X1 models, and the 40/20/40 split rear seat backrests can be folded down or adjusted to different angles individually. Cargo capacity is larger than the previous X1 as well.

Pricing for the new iX1 starts at $84,100. Initial deliveries have started in Europe, and as of this writing, the iX1 will only be available with a combustion engine in America.