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Mercedes-Benz Upgrades the EQB SUV for 2024

Laurance Yap
August 30, 2023
The Mercedes-Benz EQB is an appealing compact SUV with a huge amount of interior room. For 2024, it gets better efficiency and range, as well as an upgraded look.
The Mercedes-Benz EQB front exterior view

Mercedes-Benz Compact EV SUV Gets New Look

The Mercedes-Benz EQB, the all-electric cousin of the compact but spacious GLB SUV, is receiving a significant refresh for 2024. The striking SUV, inspired by the iconic G-wagen, has been updated with an exciting new look, improved efficiency and range, as well as even more useful technology and features. Together, they make the EQB into a more well-rounded and attractive ownership proposition – especially for gas SUV owners that want to switch to electric.

Among the highlights of the 2024 EQB are an improved MBUX control interface with improved voice control, updated driving assistance systems, and convenient Plug & Charge charging technology. There are also new optional sound experiences shared with other Mercedes-Benz electric models.

2024 Mercedes EQB: Model Lineup

Three versions of the 2024 EQB will be available. Mercedes-Benz has yet to announce starting MSRPs for the models, but expect a small increase from 2023.

  • The EQB 250+ features a single front electric motor and two-wheel drive. Total power output is 188 hp and 284 lb-ft of torque. Range is estimated, according to Mercedes’ claims, between 270 and 333 miles, depending on options.
  • The EQB 300 4Matic upgrades to dual motors and all-wheel drive, with a total power output of 225 hp and 288 lb-ft of torque. Mercedes claims a range of between 246 and 278 miles of range (EPA-estimated), depending on options.
  • At the top of the range is the EQB 350 4Matic, also with all-wheel drive and dual motors. Power output jumps to 288 hp and 384 lb-ft of torque, with the same range estimates as the EQB 300 4Matic.

All three models use the same 70.5-kWh battery, which can charge on a home Level 2 charger at up to 9.6 kW, or at up to 100 kW on a Level 3 DC fast charger – hardly class-leading. On the other hand, the EQB’s compact package should make it an efficient runner, making the most of the battery.

The Mercedes-Benz EQB back exterior view

Improved Charging Experience

The new EQB also comes with a Plug & Charge function. Plug & Charge integrates many of the most popular charging networks into one, making charging much more convenient. As long as the driver has the appropriate account, the EQB can simply be plugged in, and the charging process starts automatically – with no need to authenticate, sign in, or fiddle with an app. Billing happens automatically.

Plug & Charge currently connects to almost 1.3 million AC and DC charging points around the world, and about 75,000 in the United States. The number of networks and stations to which Plug & Charge is connected is growing constantly, and information on compatibility is available real time through the vehicle’s navigation system. The navigation system also has a convenient route planner to help find the fastest and most efficient charging on a road trip.

The Mercedes-Benz EQB close up of side

2024 EQB: Updated Design

The 2024 EQB is instantly recognizable as an electric Mercedes model thanks to its glossy black “grille” with its pattern of three-pointed stars at the front. A band of LED light connects the headlights, while a new bumper makes the compact electric SUV look wider and more aggressive. The rear end of the EQB has been updated with new taillights, as well.

Inside, the EQB remains remarkably spacious and versatile. Despite its compact exterior dimensions, the boxy body has room for up to seven seats, and space enough for families and all of their gear. The third row of seats, suitable for children, can be folded to expand the cargo area, liberating as much room as a mid-size SUV. The second-row seats can be slid back and forth, and the backrests adjusted, for even more comfort. There is also a new steering wheel with integrated touch panel controls.

An updated version of Mercedes’ MBUX control system features inside, with two wide screens – one for the instrument cluster and one for the infotainment system. The appearance can be customized with different display styles and modes, and the system is easier to use than before. An integrated voice assistant is standard, and can respond to more natural voice commands.

New “sound worlds” allow EQB drivers to experience different acoustic atmospheres, which are shared with other Mercedes-EQ electric models. While these sound like a gimmick, they add something special to the driving experience; choose the optional Burmester surround-sound system with Dolby Atmos technology, and you get even more atmospheres to choose from.

The Mercedes-Benz EQB interior front seat system

Improved Driver Assistance Systems

As you would expect from Mercedes, the 2024 EQB also includes a wide array of driver assistance systems to make every trip more convenient and safer. The driving assistance package now includes active lane keeping assist, which can steer the car automatically to stay within its lane.

More powerful sensors and processors also allow the new EQB to help park itself. Integrated into MBUX, the parking package has a 360-degree video camera that can help the driver maneuver into tight parallel and perpendicular parking spaces.

Mercedes-Benz Net Carbon Neutral Production

Mercedes-Benz claims that all of its passenger car and van production has been net carbon neutral since 2022. The EQB, which is built in Hungary, is no exception, as are its battery plants in Kamenz, Germany and Jawor, Poland. Mercedes says that it has set stringent requirements for net carbon neutral production of battery cells for its suppliers, resulting in production emissions being reduced by 30 percent. Renewable energy is also being used in the production and refinement of raw materials used in the EQB.

The 2024 Mercedes-Benz EQB will arrive at U.S. dealerships first half of 2024.