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MINI Cooper S Electric Preview

Laurance Yap
July 5, 2023
For 2022, the electric Mini Cooper is getting a slight update and refresh that includes an amped-up interior and new standard features. But the biggest news is that it's also getting more range.
Mini Cooper EV with green backdrop

The 2022 MINI Cooper S Electric: Incentives and Overview

Besides being practical, forward-thinking and green, electric cars should also be fun! No matter what you drive, you have to admit that the MINI Cooper SE electric car has “fun” covered. When it comes to the fun department, the MINI is all that. It is also a bargain with an MSRP starting at $29,900. When you include the $7,500 federal credit on EVs as well as state and local incentives, the MINI offers a whole lot of fun for the money. For a personalized look at the EV incentives you qualify for, check out the 2022 MINI Cooper SE in our Buyer's Guide.

The only negative thing we’ve heard about this two door hardtop EV has to do with its range, or actually, its lack of range. For 2021, the 181-horsepower front wheel drive electric motor and 32.6kWh battery pack has an EPA-rated 110 miles of range on a charge. But that is about to change for the better in a couple of ways.

The wheel and dashboard of the MINI Cooper S Electric

What's New for 2022?

For 2022, the MINI SE is getting a slight update and refresh that includes an amped up interior with cool ambient lighting, a visually updated dashboard and air vent design. You’ll also find new standard features such as an 8.8-inch infotainment touchscreen, Apple CarPlay compatibility, plus a heated redesigned steering wheel and satellite radio.

Standard driver assist features for the 2022 model include lane departure warning which includes visual warning and vibrations in the steering wheel to notify you when you’re drifting out of your lane. Standard Active Driving Assistant offers safety features such as pedestrian and front collision warning, and city collision mitigation.

On the outside, the jazzy go-kart will get changes in line with the entire MINI Cooper Hardtop family. There’s a new body-colored trim piece across the front, the mirror caps are now yellow, the fog lights have been replaced by an additional LED element in the headlights, and the taillights add a Union Jack accent that was first seen on the MINI Countryman last year. New wheel designs are also available.

The MINI Cooper S Electric on the street

Explore More Range and Options with the MINI Cooper S Electric

But the unexpected news is that the MINI SE is getting a slight range boost thanks to an updated EPA test that came with the refresh, bringing its range up to 114 miles before you need a charge. The new rating also increased the efficiency ratings, from 108 MPGe combined to 110 MPGe. City driving numbers were adjusted up from 115 miles to 119 miles while the highway mileage rating stayed the same at 100 MPGe. Level Three quick charge time to 80% happens in just 36 minutes. Okay, we know that’s not an earth-shattering range change, but MINI’s parent company, BMW has more up its sleeve.

MINI offers a number of body styles for its gasoline-powered models and BMW promises the same treatment for its EVs as well. BMW plans to make the entire MINI line of vehicles all-electric by the early 2030s, adding range with more robust battery packs and eliminating gas-powered MINIs completely. There will also be a GP version of the SE that is currently in development to boost performance and suspension.

In the next few years you’ll see a whole family of MINI electric models for every taste and whim. You may even see an all-electric convertible from MINI. And that, my friends, spells fun in any language.

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