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Range and Power Increases for 2024 Volkswagen ID.4

Laurance Yap
September 19, 2023
The Volkswagen ID.4, one of the best-selling EVs in the U.S., has received power, range, and equipment upgrades for the 2024 model year, making it an even more appealing package than before.
The Volkswagen ID.4 charging at home

2024 Volkswagen ID.4: Upgrading a Best-Seller

The Volkswagen ID.4, one of the top 10 selling electric cars in the U.S., has just received a number of meaningful upgrades for the 2024 model year, including a new drive unit that delivers improved performance and range, as well as an improved infotainment system. The upgrades make the American-made ID.4 a more appealing package as well as a better value.

The Volkswagen ID.4 driving on the road

All-New Drive Unit

The big news for the 2024 ID.4 is that models fitted with the larger 82-kWh battery get a new high-performance drive unit that not only delivers greater horsepower, but also improved range. Indeed, horsepower for the rear-wheel drive model jumps from 201 hp to an impressive 282 hp, while the all-wheel drive model goes from 295 hp to 330 hp.

Power increases improve the ID.4’s already-impressive acceleration times, but more importantly, Volkswagen says that they don’t come with a penalty in range. In fact, the company says that EPA-estimated ranges for the 2024 ID.4 will improve as well – though the U.S. authority has yet to test the vehicles and release final numbers. Models fitted with the 62-kWh battery continue with the existing power output and range estimates.

The Volkswagen ID.4 interior

2024 ID.4: Upgraded Technology Inside

Inside, the 2024 ID.4 models receive upgraded technology that makes driving more relaxing and confident. 62-kWh models continue with a standard 12-inch infotainment display, but the software has been upgraded with a revised infotainment menu and an easier-to-use interface for the climate controls.

The ID.4’s touch controls, which were one of the sources of criticism when the vehicle was released, have been a major focus for Volkswagen’s designers.

On 82-kWh models, available with both rear- and all-wheel drive, there’s a new, larger 12.9-inch display that has backlit sliders for volume and temperature controls. The position of the gear shifter has moved to a more convenient location, and some of the touch controls on the steering wheel have been relocated to make them easier to use.

Improved Comfort and Style

Additional upgrades for 2024 come for the upscale ID.4 S models. There is a new premium Harman/Kardon Audio system with nine speakers, a subwoofer, and a 16-channel amplifier. And the front-row seats are now ventilated as well as heated – making them more comfortable in all seasons.

On the outside, upgraded wheels and tires help the 2024 ID.4 stand out from previous models. The base wheels are now 20 inches in diameter, and S Plus models get larger 21-inch alloy wheels with a distinctive machined finish.

The Volkswagen ID.4 driving on the road by a bridge

2024 Volkswagen ID.4: Tax Credit Eligible

Made in the USA since 2023, the ID.4 is built in Chattanooga, Tennessee, which means that it is eligible for the full potential tax credit of $7,500 for qualified purchasers. Indeed, Volkswagen claims that the ID.4 is currently the only foreign-brand EV that is eligible for the full federal purchase tax credit, given its local assembly and its North American-sourced battery components (many more vehicles are eligible for up to $7,500 when you lease, however).

Four versions – Standard, Pro, S, and S Plus, give ID.4 purchasers the option of 62-kWh or 82-kWh battery capacities as well as rear- and all-wheel drive. Pricing for the 2024 ID.4 will be announced closer to its on-sale date later in 2024.