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Volkswagen Road Tests The New ID.7

Laurance Yap
July 7, 2023
Volkswagen's new ID.7 will be its new flagship electric vehicle. A sleek, spacious luxury sedan, it has a gorgeous interior and is targeting a 430-mile range on the European testing cycle.
Volkswagen ID.7 on the road

A New Luxury EV from Volkswagen

Volkswagen says its upcoming ID.7 will take its electric ID family to a new level. A large, luxurious sedan, it will be positioned as the VW brand’s electric car flagship, with long range, a spacious interior, and plenty of new technology. Thanks to its sleek, aerodynamic exterior and efficient electric drivetrain, Volkswagen promises the ID.7 will offer drivers incredibly long range, as well as an agile driving experience, a high level of passenger comfort, and a luxurious interior.

Due to be launched later this year, the ID.7 underwent near-final testing in the Alicante region of Spain. The winding and mountainous roads of the region provide a stern test of the ID.7’s electric drivetrain, its long, low chassis, and its suspension. Built on the same MEB (modular electric platform) as the popular VW ID.4 SUV, the ID.7 takes things up a notch with a more powerful and more efficient drive motor, enhanced running gear, and updated control systems to deliver increased comfort and long-distance capability.

Volkswagen D.7 on the road

Powerful, Efficient Motor and 430 Miles of Range

The brand-new electric motor is probably the highlight of the ID.7. The most powerful and highest-torque electric motor in a Volkswagen yet, the ID.7’s power unit was developed internally at Volkswagen instead of an outside supplier. Produced at the company’s electric facility in Kassel, Germany, it’s claimed to be spectacularly efficient as well as powerful. Volkswagen claims a target range of over 430 miles on the European WLTP standard, which should equate to over 350 miles on the EPA’s more stringent testing regime. Further underlining its long-distance capability, the ID.7 will be able to rapid charge at up to 200 kW – a big bump over the 150 kW charging currently offered in the ID.4.

In a first for a Volkswagen electric vehicle, the ID.7 will offer optional adaptive chassis control, which will let drivers custom-tailor its behavior for their preferences. Drivers can adjust how soft or stiff the suspension is, the feel of the steering, the aggressiveness of its throttle response, and even how the vehicle sounds. In addition to economy, normal, and sport modes, there’s also an individual mode that allows mixing and matching. Regardless of how the vehicle is set up, the ID.7 should ride beautifully thanks to its long wheelbase and its low center of gravity.

Designed from the start for a large battery and compact electric motors, the ID.7 is extremely spacious for its size. The battery resides under the floor like a skateboard, and the electric drive unit is small, allowing the wheels to be pushed right out to the corners of the car. The spacious, high-quality interior offers limousine-like space in the front and rear, with plenty of room to stretch out despite manageable exterior dimensions.

iD.7 interior

Spacious, Interior with Massaging Seats

Stung by criticism from some circles about the ID.4’s spartan interior fittings, VW has significantly upgraded the quality of the materials inside the ID.7. The dashboard, door fittings, and seats are covered in high-end materials, all of which are recycled or sourced sustainably; even the optional leather interior is synthetic leather, rather than made from animals. To increase the sense of space, the instruments have been reduced to a thin strip in front of the driver, with a heads-up display projecting the most important information onto the windshield. The central control screen, which houses all infotainment and climate control functions, is much larger, and now measures 15 inches. The climate controls are no longer buried in a menu, but live permanently at the bottom of the screen, and there are configurable shortcut buttons at the top of the screen for frequently used functions.

Volkswagen is particularly proud of the ID.7’s new seats. Depending on the trim level, the seats offer up to 14 electrical adjustment options. They also incorporate heating and cooling, both of which can be activated automatically by temperature and moisture sensors embedded in the seat surface. When a cold driver gets in, the seats automatically heat up; when it senses sweat, the seat can automatically activate the cooling function. There is also a new massage function that uses inflatable air bladders to further relax the driver and front passenger.

Back exterior of ID.7

A New Electric Flagship

The new ID.7 will go on sale later this year, and will be Volkswagen’s four-door flagship in Europe, China and North America. It will beat the adorable ID.Buzz electric van to North American roads, as well. The ID.Buzz, the ID.7, and the ID.4 EV SUV – now produced in Chattanooga, Tennessee – show how serious VW is in its plans to transform itself into an electric brand. Pricing and final range and technical details will be announced closer to its on-sale date in late 2023.