Ford EV Owners Can Now Use Tesla Superchargers with a Free Adapter

Laurance Yap
March 15, 2024
Ford was the first manufacturer of many to announce that it would adopt the Tesla charging plug and provide its drivers access to the Tesla Supercharger network. Now, it’s ready to ship free plug adapters so Ford drivers can access Tesla chargers on the go.
Blue Ford EV using a Tesla Supercharger

Ford Drivers Can Use Tesla Charging

Last year, Ford was the first automaker to announce that it had signed a deal to provide its owners with access to Tesla’s Supercharger network – significantly increasing Ford drivers’ access to high-speed charging on the go. The move kicked off what became an avalanche of announcements through 2023, with virtually every car brand committing not only to providing Supercharger access, but also to switching to the North American Charging Standard (NACS) charge port that Tesla popularized.

Now, Ford is the first automaker to announce that its vehicles can access Tesla’s Superchargers – and it’s offering owners of its EVs a free plug adapter to allow them to do so. Drivers of the popular Mustang Mach-E and F-150 Lightning will be the first non-Tesla owners that can access Tesla Superchargers in the U.S. and Canada – which total about 15,000 across North America. Given that the total number of high-speed chargers in North America is about 30,000 in all, the move gives Ford drivers many more options to charge on the go.

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Free Fast Charging Adapter

Between now and June 30, 2024, Ford EV drivers can obtain a free fast charging adapter from Ford’s website, here. The adapter allows the Mustang Mach-E and F-150 Lightning to charge on Tesla’s Superchargers. (Starting on June 30, the adapter will cost $230 to retail customers.)

Ford EV drivers who use their vehicles for work purposes will actually be contacted by Ford’s Pro division, which will provide them with the adapters for their vehicles, including the electric Transit van. Ultimately, Ford will switch production of its new vehicles to the NACS standard, eliminating the need for an adapter on Tesla Superchargers.

How Ford Drivers Can Charge with Tesla

F-150 Lightning and Mustang Mach-E owners can reserve an adapter using their Ford Pass account. If they do not have a Ford Pass account, they will have to register at no cost. Shipping information will be pre-populated, and all a customer needs to do is verify that their information is accurate before reserving and ordering the adapter.

Ordering the adapter will also trigger an automated over-the-air software update for the vehicle, which will enable it to interact properly with the adapter. A confirmation email will be sent, with a link to check the status of the adapter reservation.

When on the go, drivers can use the FordPass app or the Charge Assist or Public Charge functions on the vehicle’s touch screen to locate chargers like they always have – except now all of the Tesla Superchargers will also be listed. A future software update will integrate Tesla Superchargers into route planning, as well.

BlueOval App and Network

With the integration of Tesla chargers into its ecosystem, Ford says that drivers of its EVs now have the most access to public charging offered by any automaker. The BlueOval charge network is a “network of networks,” of sorts, that provides Ford EV drivers with access to multiple charging providers – without the need for different apps and memberships.

Indeed, such is the extent of Ford’s deal-making that with one BlueOval account, Ford EV owners can now access up to 126,000 chargers – and more than 28,000 fast chargers across the U.S. and Canada, with more stations being added every week.

The network uses a single stored payment method across the different partner networks, eliminating the need for on-site credit card use, or for a multitude of apps on the driver’s phone. Once Ford drivers have created an account, they can pay for charging on any of the partner networks with a couple of taps – as well as enjoy an excellent route planning feature.

The Future of Public Charging

Ford drivers being able to access Tesla chargers is just one of many good news stories for EV drivers in 2024. Over the course of the year, many other manufacturers will provide their drivers with similar access to Supercharging (though it’s not yet clear if, like Ford, they will provide free adapters). Plus, the first of 30,000 Ionna high-speed charging stations – a partnership between seven automakers – is set to open in 2024.

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