Future Fiskers Include A Supercar and Pickup

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August 10, 2023
California-based startup Fisker has announced details about four new products: an off-road package for the Fisker Ocean SUV, the Ronin supercar, Pear city car, and the Alaska pickup. All models are electric, and combine futuristic styling with unique features. Read on to learn more.
Fisker Ocean Force E 3/4 exterior view in white

Details and Pricing for new Fisker Models

Fisker, the California-based EV startup behind the attractively-priced, attractively-specced Ocean SUV, recently hosted a “product vision day” in Huntington Beach, showcasing some of its exciting future models. The electric automaker presented four new vehicles, as well as its vision for sustainability and technology, giving us lots to get excited about.

The four new vehicles included a Fisker Ocean SUV with a new “Force E” off-road package, the a near-production version of the Fisker Ronin four-door convertible, the Fisker Pear compact EV, and a new electric pickup truck called the Fisker Alaska.

Fisker Ocean Force E side profile in white

Fisker Ocean Force E Package

A new off-road design package for the Fisker Ocean, the new Force E package is designed for Ocean owners that want to go off the beaten path. It makes great use of the Ocean’s power, torque, and range to make sustainable off-roading fun and easy. Available for both the all-wheel drive Fisker Ocean Ultra and Fisker Ocean Extreme, the Force E package can be ordered at the time of purchase, or retrofitted as an add-on package.

What’s included in the Force E package?

·      33-inch tires on 20-inch wheels

·      Additional ground clearance for better performance off-road

·      Specialized dampers

·      Roof storage basket

·      Front and rear skid plates as well as an underbody plate for additional protection and durability

Scheduled to be available in Q1 of 2024, the pricing for the Force E package has yet to be announced.

Fisker Ronin parked in fog

Fisker Ronin

Announced in 2022, the Ronin is a four-door, five-seat electric convertible that the company claims is the world’s first electric convertible GT sports car. With a retractable carbon-fiber hard top, it also features four butterfly doors, a luxurious and high-tech interior, and a gorgeous, futuristic exterior.

The Fisker Ronin will be able to back up its looks with three electric motors, all-wheel drive, and a massive 1,000-plus horsepower. The company promises 0-60 times of approximately 2 seconds, and a large integrated battery pack that will deliver a targeted range of over 600 miles.

While no pricing was announced, expect the Ronin to be expensive. The company says it will be “ultra luxury priced,” as well as built in extremely limited quantities.

Fisker Pear Compact EV in green

Fisker Pear Compact EV

Fisker says that Pear refers to “Personal Electric Automotive Revolution” – and the company’s vision of a sustainable EV as a connected mobility device. Is it basically a phone on wheels? Not really – but it’s quite an innovative new electric car. Built using the company’s SLV-1 platform, Fsiker claims the Pear has 35 percent fewer parts than other EVs in its class. Its compact body will deliver sporty handling, but also has a spacious and modular interior, with room for up to six passengers. Other features include:

·      A highly-connected electrical architecture, using a new computing platform called Fisker Blade

·      Ultra-wide wraparound windshield and slim LED lighting

·      A unique “Houdini trunk” with a hideaway liftgate in addition to a front storage compartment, or frunk

Designed to reach a truly mass market, the Pear will be available in four trim levels, with a starting MSRP of $29,900 before incentives. It is scheduled to be available in 2025.

Fisker Alaska EV Pickup back

Fisker Alaska EV Pickup

Built on an extended version of the Fisker Ocean SUV’s platform, the Alaska EV pickup truck is a rugged everyday vehicle as well as a very flexible work truck. The cargo bed can be extended in two phases from 4.5 feet to 7.5 feet and to 9.2 feet, thanks to a “Houdini bed divider” which tucks away to connect the rear cabin and the cargo bed.

Sharing components and design language with the Fisker Ocean, the Alaska pickup is modern-looking inside and out, and should be fast and fun to drive. While EPA range estimates are not yet available, Fisker says it projects a range of between 230 and 240 miles depending on specification. The fact that the Alaska is designed to be the world’s lightest EV pickup should help with that goal.

The Fisker Alaska is now available to order, with only $250 required for a first reservation on the company’s website. Expected deliveries will start in 2025, with a starting MSRP of $45,400 before incentives.

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