Hertz and EVgo Partner to Offer EV Rentals Discounted Charging

Laurance Yap
November 27, 2023
As part of its rental fleet, Hertz offers over 50,000 electric cars across the country to drivers. Now, thanks to a new partnership with the EVgo charging network, drivers experiencing an EV for the first time get access to discounted charging at almost 1,000 locations in the U.S.
Man charging his car using the Hertz and EVgo charger

Improving the Rental EV Experience

Car rental company Hertz has been quick to embrace electric vehicles in the U.S., and over the past few years has put over 50,000 EVs into its rental fleets. For some drivers, an rental is their first exposure to driving electric. And while the experience can be a positive one – drivers get to feel firsthand the speed, smoothness, and silence of an EV – it can also come with questions and challenges, mainly around charging.

Person holding their phone and their credit card

Discounted Rates and Rewards

So, in an effort to make the EV rental experience easier, Hertz has partnered with EVgo, one of the largest charging networks in the U.S., to offer discounted charging rates to drivers renting EVs from Hertz locations across the country. The discounts give drivers a taste of the other major benefit of going electric: lower running costs.

How does it work? Drivers that get an EV rental create a new EVgo account, and can plug into the company’s nationwide network without the regular monthly subscription fees or per-session fees customers are normally charged. Therefore, they only pay for electricity. The offer lasts for one year from the date the account is activated, and drivers who sign up for the new Hertz promotion also get access to other benefits, including the ability to earn points on EVgo’s rewards platform.

A row of EVgo charging stations

Experiencing Electric Driving Firsthand

“When people experience an EV for the first time, whether through a rental or riding along as a passenger, they see the benefits firsthand of quieter operation, smoother handling, quick acceleration, and of course, no tailpipe emissions,” says Maggie Tallman, senior vice president at EVgo. “By partnering with Hertz to expose new drivers to the electric experience, we can inspire more prospective EV drivers to make the switch and welcome them to the electric revolution.”

EVgo has a comprehensive network of chargers across more than 35 states, and close to 1,000 locations featuring high-speed Level 3 fast chargers. They offer some of the best charging speeds in the industry, up to 350 kW available, and many are conveniently located at shopping centers, gas stations, and other easily-accessed locations for travelers. The company has also formed partnerships with fleet and rideshare operators to enable high-speed charging for shared transportation.

Construction worker standing by EVgo charging station

What EV Models Does Hertz Rent?

Hertz’s fleet of electric vehicles includes popular models from Tesla, Hyundai, and Polestar, among others, and it has thousands of locations nationwide, with EVs deployed from popular locations like airports. The company has also launched a number of educational initiatives on its own website to educate renters about the benefits of going electric, and how to charge when travelling.

Front view of a Tesla Model 3 driving through canyon roads

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