Honda Will Launch a Hybrid Civic and Hydrogen CR-V This Year

Laurance Yap
February 2, 2024
2024 is going to be a big year for electrification at Honda. Not only is it launching the Prologue electric SUV, but there is a new 2025 Civic Hybrid, and a fuel-cell electric CR-V as well. 
2025 Honda Civic Hybrid model

New Honda EVs

The Honda CR-V and the Honda Civic are perennial best-sellers in the U.S., and generally in the top three selling models in their respective segments. The compact SUV and sedan are beloved by buyers for their combination of a spacious interior, satisfying driving experience, low starting MSRP, and impressive fuel economy. Both the Civic and the CR-V are about to get even more efficient models later in 2024, with the introduction of the Honda Civic Hybrid and the CR-V Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle. Together with the upcoming Prologue electric SUV, they continue the rapid electrification of Honda’s entire lineup.

Close up of 2025 Honda Civic Hybrid wheel

2025 Honda Civic Hybrid

By far the largest-volume of the two models to be introduced in 2024, the Honda Civic Hybrid brings hybrid technology back to the Civic after a four-year hiatus. Like the CR-V Hybrid and the Accord Hybrid, we expect the Civic Hybrid to pack an Atkinson-cycle four-cylinder gasoline engine and two electric motors. Expect a power output of around 200 horsepower and a continuously-variable transmission.

The CR-V Hybrid and Accord Hybrid have proven to be strong sellers in their latest generations, and Honda expects the Civic Hybrid to follow suit, eventually accounting for over 40 percent of Civic sales. While it’s not a full electric model, almost half of all Civics being sold featuring hybrid technology will be a boon for Honda’s carbon footprint.

In addition to the new powertrain, the Civic Hybrid will feature a refreshed look inside and out, which it will share with other 2025 Civic models. There’s a more aggressive-looking grille and air intakes up front, new wheel designs, body-color side skirts, and refreshed rear bumper and light clusters. Expect some updates to the infotainment system and electronics, too.

Close up of 2025 Honda Civic Hybrid trunk

Honda CR-V Fuel Cell Electric

Likely to be sold in very small volumes and only in select markets, the CR-V FCEV (for Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle) is a hydrogen-powered, zero-emissions vehicle that brings back fuel cell technology to Honda’s lineup, after the departure of the Clarity FCEV of the early 2010s. Hydrogen fuel is used to power an on-board fuel cell stack, which creates electricity to power the vehicle’s electric motors, and emits water as its only emissions.

In theory, hydrogen fuel cell vehicles offer the best of all worlds, as they offer the zero-emissions running of electric vehicles with the fueling speed and convenience of gasoline vehicles – you can fill them up in a couple of minutes. Standing in the way of that is hydrogen infrastructure that is far less developed than gasoline or electric charging infrastructure. At the time of writing there were just over 50 hydrogen fueling stations accessible to private users across the U.S., with most of them concentrated in California.

What makes the CR-V FCEV different from other hydrogen fuel cell vehicles, like the Toyota Mirai and the Hyundai Nexo, is that it will also have a charging plug, allowing drivers to charge up its small electric battery to improve convenience.

Honda hasn’t shared many details about the CR-V FCEV, other than it will be introduced sometime in 2024, so we don’t know any details about its potential range, power output, or pricing.

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