Nissan Ariya Price Drop Saves You up to $6,000

Laurance Yap
March 29, 2024
Nissan has dropped pricing of the excellent Ariya crossover across the board. Depending on trim level, the Ariya is now up to $6,000 less expensive than before. Ariya drivers will also be able to access Tesla Superchargers later in 2024.
bird's eye view of a light orange nissan ariya

Nissan Ariya: Top EV SUV Pick Gets More Affordable

The Nissan Ariya is one of our favorite electric crossover SUVs. It has a great combination of features, performance, space, and reasonable range. Now, with a recent price drop, it’s also much more affordable than ever before. The entry-level model’s starting MSRP has been reduced by $3,600 to $39,590, with other models receiving a price drop of up to $6,000.

Nissan says that the “enhanced” starting MSRPs will appeal to a wider audience of EV buyers – which is a polite way of saying the company is responding, finally, to several rounds of Tesla price cuts, as well as drops in starting MSRPs for competitors like the Ford Mustang Mach-E.

nissan ariya driving on the highway

Nissan Ariya: Trim Levels and Pricing

As before, the Ariya offers two choices of battery size – a standard 63-kWh in front-wheel drive models, with an 87-kWh battery optional, and standard on e-4ORCE all-wheel drive models. Trim levels have not changed, but the new pricing makes all of the models a much more attractive ownership proposition.

  • Ariya Engage FWD with 63 kWh battery: $39,590
  • Venture+ FWD with 87 kWh battery: $41,190
  • Evolve+ FWD with 87 kWh battery: $44,190
  • Empower+ FWD with 87 kWh battery: $47,690
  • Engage e-4ORCE with 63 kWh battery:  $43,590
  • Engage+ e-4ORCE with 87 kWh battery: $45,190
  • Evolve+ e-4ORCE with 87 kWh battery: $48,190
  • Platinum+ e-4ORCE with 87 kWh battery: $54,190

Ariya Technology and Driving Experience

With EPA-estimated range of up to 304 miles for front-wheel drive models with the larger battery, the Ariya has very competitive range to go with its very competitive pricing, and we really like its stylish, spacious interior design as well as the availability of Nissan’s excellent ProPilot assist suite of driver assistance features. The Ariya has also been awarded the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety's (IIHS) 2024 designation for Top Safety Pick.

The Ariya has a distinctive style that stands out on the road, and it offers an engaging driving experience. Like all EVs, it is smooth and quiet, but higher trim levels with all-wheel drive offer up to 389 horsepower, and the handling is superb for a crossover. The dual-motor e-4ORCE all-wheel drive system is a key player here, as it can continually shift torque from front to rear, and can apply braking control at each of the four wheels to maximize cornering force.

nissan ariya charging

More Charging Options for Ariya Drivers

Starting later in 2024, and following in the footsteps of Ford and other automakers, Nissan will start shipping a North American Charging System (NACS) adapter that will let Ariya owners access high-speed Tesla Superchargers.

This will make long-distance travel much more convenient for Ariya drivers by significantly increasing the number of fast-charging options available on the road. It’s not yet clear whether drivers will have to create an account in the Tesla app to charge their Airyas, or whether Nissan will offer an integrated payment system, like Ford does.

In 2025, Nissan plans to switch all of the EVs it sells in the U.S. and Canadian markets to have the NACS charging port as standard, in lockstep with other manufacturers.

Front view of a Tesla Model 3 driving through canyon roads

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