Will New MG Electric Sports Car Come to the U.S.?

Laurance Yap
July 3, 2023
Remember MG? The maker of traditional sports cars is back, with an all-electric two-seat roadster. The new MG Cyberster should go on sale in summer 2024.
Front of the red MG Electric Sports Car model debuting in London

New Electric Sports Car

If you’re of a certain age, you probably remember the MG sports cars that used to be a frequent sight on our roads. In the sixties, the small, two-seat British roadsters were popular sellers, and found a large audience thanks to their low cost and driving fun.

Now, the MG brand is owned by SAIC Motor Corporation, one of China’s largest automakers – and thanks to its long-range, low-cost electric cars, is the fastest-growing brand in its UK home. The latest addition to its lineup is a new two-seat electric sports car called the MG Cyberster, which was previewed last month.

Debuting in London, its spiritual home, the MG Cyberster is a dramatic new shape, quite different from the traditional and upright MGB of your memories. It was created by MG’s advanced design team, led by design director Carl Gotham in the company’s Marylebone studio.

Back of the red MG Electric Sports Car model

MG Cyberster Design

While the new MG Cyberster was designed from the ground up as an EV, it retains the traditional long hood of a gasoline roadster. The front end of the car is short and aggressive, and the wheels are pushed out to the corners of the car for improved stability and also more interior space. The overall look is organic and high-tech at the same time, with a smiling “face” highlighted by thin LED lights, deeply sculpted sides, and a chopped-off tail. Scissor doors add an exotic design flourish.

The two-seat Cyberster is a milestone for the MG brand, marking a keenly anticipated return to sports car production. But this is no retro model; the Cyberster promises a modern cabin and an array of advanced driver assistance technologies alongside its high-performance electric powertrain.

Car models of the red MG Electric Sports Car model

MG Cyberster: Technical Details to Come

Not much more is known about the Cyberster at this point. MG has yet to release any information about the number of motors, the sports car’s power output, battery size, or range. The Cyberster will make its driving debut at the Goodwood Festival of Speed, the UK’s largest outdoor car show, in July, and more details will be shared then.

MG says that the Cyberster is expected to go on sale in the summer of 2024. Remarkably, it will be the first all-electric two-seat roadster on the market, bringing the silence and smoothness of EV driving to a whole new segment. It remains to be seen whether MG will consider selling it outside of its core UK market. But SAIC’s resources, and the lingering goodwill for the MG brand, might help make the case to sell it globally.

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