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The 2022 Chevy Bolt EUV

Dave Nichols
July 6, 2023
Chevy's redesigned 2022 Bolt EUV is quickly gaining momentum as the electric SUV for the masses. Past versions' success caused the automaker to expand its EV offerings with the new Bolt EUV, now arriving in showrooms near you.
2022 Chevy Bolt EUV parked on beach

Explore the 2022 Chevy Bolt EUV

Chevrolet began selling its Bolt all-electric subcompact hatchback at the end of 2016. It quickly gathered a mountain of accolades including being named Motor Trend’s Car of the Year in 2017. Its sure-footed success caused the automaker to expand its EV offerings with the new Bolt EUV, poised to arrive in showrooms as we write this.

The Electric SUV for the Masses

The idea here is to make the Bolt a tad bigger and longer (by 6.3-inches) in order to bring the car to a more mainstream market; a Bolt for the masses, you could say. As you might have guessed, EUV stands for Electric Utility Vehicle and the new Bolt is aimed at small families, offering more cabin room than the original Bolt hatchback.

Knowing that the EV SUV market is growing fast, Chevy is banking on the new Bolt’s affordable starting price of $33,995 and available semi-autonomous driving feature to help win over those who might be considering more expensive rivals such as Ford’s Mustang Mach E or Hyundai’s Kona Electric.

2022 Chevy Bolt Steering Wheel and Dash Tech

Hands-Free Driving

There will be several trim levels coming from Chevy, but at launch, your only option will be the base model at under $34K or the Launch Edition that includes Chevy’s Super Cruise semi-autonomous driving assist feature. Super Cruise is a first for Chevrolet. It allows true hands-free driving assist technology for compatible roads, working with adaptive cruise control which controls braking and acceleration when enabled. The Launch Edition also includes a light-up charge port, a panoramic sunroof, and a special wheel design – all for ten grand more than the base model price.

2022 Silver Chevy Bolt EUV Charging in Garage

Free Level 2 Charger

Both Bolt EUVs variants will come with a 200-horsepower electric motor and front-wheel drive that is estimated to take you from zero to 60 mph in seven seconds. The four-door, five-seater crossover has a 65-kWh battery pack that will take you 247 miles before you need a charge. Level 3 DC Fast Charging will get you 95 miles of range in just 30 minutes.

Chevy is offering Bolt EUV owners free Level 2 charging at home. Rather than paying for a Level 2 charger and an electrician to come out and plumb your garage for 220-volts, in cooperation with a company called Qmerit, Chevy will arrange to have a Level 2 Charger installed in your garage free of charge. That move effectively takes one more negative off the table for EV ownership.

2022 Chevy Bolt EUV Interior Wheel and Dash Tech

2022 Bolt EUV: Interior Tech

The new Bolt EUV is wider and longer than the original Bolt hatchback and it is a bit taller inside too. You’ll find three inches more legroom in the backseat, but unlike most utility vehicles, there is actually slightly less cargo room in the back of the EUV than its hatchback brother.

The interior design is sleek and stylish, sort of like being inside an iPhone. The seats look much like the chairs in Star Trek (the Next Generation version). The 10.2-inch integrated infotainment touchscreen is much easier to look at than those in so many EVs that often look like someone glued a laptop onto your dash. The new infotainment system is extremely intuitive and easy to use, much better than the Bolt hatchback version. There is a push button gear selector on the console rather than some garish knob. Knobs of all kinds appear to be disappearing from cars today.

The new Bolt EUV communicates with its driver via a smartphone app that tells you where the nearest charging stations are located. Onboard connectivity goodies include a Wi-Fi hotspot, Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, and Amazon’s Alexa. Standard driver assist features in the base model include automatic emergency braking and lane-keep assist.

2022 Chevy Bolt EUV Driving on Highway

Is the 2022 Chevy Bolt EUV Right for You?

The new Bolt includes a simple one-pedal driving mode that is turned on or off with one button. When you take your foot off the accelerator, the regenerative braking slows you to a stop, even in reverse. As far as handling, the EUV is smooth and responsive, very similar in ride style and quality to the smaller Bolt. However, this EUV has a drive-by-wire steering system which feels very tight a sure in all conditions.

There is very little road noise that makes its way inside the cabin and the overall feeling is quiet and serene with great visibility everywhere you turn. An awesome feature in all Bolt models is the rearview camera that is seen through the rearview mirror for maximum view ability.

All Bolts are built on the same chassis platform and some may wish for an all-wheel drive version, but we found the new EUV to offer an engaging driving experience with just front-wheel drive.


Where to Get Your Bolt

To find out more about the Chevy Bolt EUV, visit the GreenCars Marketplace powered by Driveway, or head over to https://www.chevrolet.com/upcoming-vehicles/2022-bolt-euv

  • 2022 Chevy Bolt EUV
  • MSRP starts at $33,995.
  • 247-mile range
  • 65-kWh battery pack
  • 8 year/100K-mile warranty on electric components