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Dodge's Challenger eMuscle Car

Dave Nichols
June 30, 2023
Dodge, the brand most synonymous with gas-guzzling V-8 power, has announced it's going electric. Its first model will be an "eMuscle car" based on the design of the Challenger.
New Challenger veiled in smoke

The Dodge Challenger Gets Electrified: eMuscle

In an outrageous move, automaker Dodge has announced an all-new muscle car for 2024 and this one is all-electric! Dodge is planning on taking its biggest and baddest muscle car, the Challenger, and giving it a full EV make-over.

Sneak peek at the Dodge eMuscle car shrouded in smoke

Rumor has it that the Challenger eMuscle will ride on Stellanti’s large electric vehicle platform, offering two electric motors for all-wheel drive burnouts and close to 500 of range between charges.

As far as looks, the new eMuscle Challenger will look as bad-to-the-bone as all Challengers and offer up neck-snapping performance. But will there be a Hellcat variant of this electric dragster? Only time will tell. Dodge may also be working on a four-door Charger eMuscle car to take the EV world by storm.

Dodge's head honcho, Tim Kuniskis, has made it very clear that Dodge “will not sell EVs.” Instead, Dodge will approach this shift towards electrification with “eMuscle,” and that the brand has an obligation to embrace the latest technology. Why? “It’s going to provide a lot of power for drivers as engineers reach the limits of the internal combustion engine. Electric motors will provide even more when it comes to future Dodge muscle cars.”

Dodge says it plans to “define the future of American muscle.” There’s the promise of squealing burnouts and amazing zero to 60 mph times. Estimated starting MSRP for the Challenger eMuscle will be in the 50K range.

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