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Preview: 2025 Porsche 718 EV

Dave Nichols
December 12, 2023
The Porsche brand is entering an all-electric car future with the arrival of a number of exciting zero emission sports cars. Meet the 718 EV, coming in 2025.
Close up exterior view of the Porsche Mission R

Porsche-Powered Excellence

We had the chance to drive an all-electric Porsche Taycan four-door sports sedan awhile back and found it utterly exhilarating. Here was an all-electric wonder wagon that is beyond comparison. Lightning quick and completely silent, the Taycan acts as the flagship for an entirely new line of EVs that is changing the way we think about the electric car.

Performance Battery Plus that is used in Taycan

Silent Running

The luxury laden Taycan will soon be followed by the Macan EV; an all-electric compact luxury crossover SUV with more range than the Taycan - which tops out at 227 miles EPA estimated before needing a charge. That’s a trend that will likely continue as long as EVs exist, namely the drive to make each model ever more efficient, with greater range and shorter charging times.

For its next magic trick, the designers at Porsche are launching a true rocket ship ride in the 718 EV for 2025. The automaker is transitioning away from gasoline-powered SUVs and sports cars to fully embrace the all-electric future. Before we see the demise of the current 718 Boxster and 718 Cayman, this all-new, all-electric 718 EV will be available in both convertible and hardtop coupe variants. For those of you who want to grab an internal combustion engine (ICE) version of the Boxster and Cayman, never fear, Porsche will keep making them for a few years more.

While little is known about this dazzling new sports car at the time of this writing, we can tell you that the electric 718 will utilize an entirely new sports car platform in order to keep it as light as possible. We expect the new architecture will be based around lessons learned from Porsche’s 982-generation, Cayman-inspired “Mission R” all-electric race car.

An entry level base model version of the 718 EV will offer one electric motor at the rear axle and an all-wheel drive GTS trim will give you dual motors for extra grip, better handling, and even greater acceleration. The electric powertrain is poised to produce an exemplary high performance driving experience.

Like the bigger Taycan’s 800-volt system, the 718 EV will allow a Level 3 DC Fast Charging rate of up to 270 kWh so you can charge this bad boy from 20- to 80-percent in about 30 minutes. Expect a driving range of at least 250 miles EPA estimated. We predict the 718 EV’s starting MSRP to begin in the low $80K price point. Look for it in dealer showrooms in early 2025.

E-Porsche concept back view

What About the 911?

Rumors are rattling around the auto industry that the legendary Porsche 911 will not go all-electric yet but that a gasoline/electric Hybrid version will also be coming in 2025. Stay tuned.