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Sneak Peek: Honda's 2024 Prologue

Dave Nichols
July 9, 2023
Honda says that naming their first electric SUV the Prologue is their way of saying that it will be the first of many more EVs to come in its wake. Many more.
Honda Prologue Logo in Text

Honda Announces Prologue EV SUV

Honda Motors recently announced that it has given a name to its all-electric crossover SUV that is coming in 2024. It will be called Prologue. The word means an event or action that leads to another event or situation. Honda says that naming the vehicle Prologue is their way of saying that it will be the first of many more EVs to come in the wake of their first zero-emission SUV. Many more.

Scheduled to go on sale in calendar year 2024, the Honda Prologue will be the first vehicle to be built as a result of the partnership between Honda and General Motors on EV powertrains. The Prologue will utilize the same Ultium battery packs used in GM’s upcoming electric vehicles including the GMC Hummer and Cadillac Lyriq.

The electric vehicle modular platform will be made up of GM components. According to Honda’s executive vice president Dave Gardner, the biggest difference between the Prologue and GM’s line of EVs will be the body above the skateboard-like chassis of electric motors, suspension and battery packs. Honda’s body design and interior will be uniquely its own, but under the skin, below the body, the Hondas and GM EVs modular platform will be very similar.

A more luxurious version of this EV crossover will wear the Acura badge. Honda plans to have EVs and fuel-cell vehicles make up 40 percent of its new vehicle sales by 2030, 80 percent by 2035, and 100 percent by 2040.

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