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The Cadillac Vistiq is the Brand’s Third Electric SUV

Laurance Yap
December 21, 2023
Cadillac's lineup of luxury cars is electrifying at a rapid pace. Its latest product, coming in 2025, is a three-row electric SUV targeted at modern families. The Vistiq slots between the Lyriq and Escalade IQ.
Cadillac Vistiq front exterior view in Opulent Blue Metallic

Cadillac Embraces Electrification

Lately, much of the news about General Motors’ electric vehicle strategy has surrounded the company’s increasing caution as U.S. EV sales growth slows and inventories rise – some models of the Chevy Silverado EV, GMC Sierra EV, and others have been pushed back. But, long-term, the American giant remains committed to electrification. Earlier this year, it announced that the popular and affordable Chevy Bolt would return for a second generation, along with a raft of other EV products. The latest is an all-new, all-electric three-row SUV from Cadillac, called the Vistiq.

Cadillac Vistiq back view in Opulent Blue Metallic.

The New Cadillac Three-Row Electric SUV

The Vistiq will slot into Cadillac’s lineup above the spacious, stylish, and well-reviewed Lyriq, but below the monster Escalade IQ. Built on a dedicated EV platform featuring GM’s Ultium battery technology and vehicle architecture, it will be available with three rows of seats, giving it more space and flexibility than the two-row-only Lyriq. Exterior photos released by Cadillac show the brand’s distinctive technical pattern on the “grille” and bold LED front lights, huge wheels, a long wheelbase, and a long rear overhang that hints at a spacious cargo area.

Indeed, in terms of size and space, the Vistiq will likely give drivers a similar package to the three-row, gasoline-powered XT6 crossover that the brand currently sells. Targeted more at urban and on-road use, Cadillac says the Vistiq will be “distinctive and innovative,” and is targeted at “the modern family.”

Technical details of the Vistiq are scarce at this point, and Cadillac says that more details ad pricing will be released early next year. However, we expect the Vistiq, given its larger size, will offer a similarly-sized, or larger, battery than the 102-kWh unit installed in long-range, all-wheel drive Lyriq models, as well as power options of up to 500 hp from twin motors. All-wheel drive Lyriqs have an EPA-estimated range of 303 miles, while rear-drive models have a 314-mile range estimate.

Cadillac Lyriq parked by a home during sunset

What Electric SUVs Does Cadillac Offer?

It's becoming clear that Cadillac is very quickly becoming a serious electric car player. From 2025 onward, it will have a lineup of five all-new, ground-up EV models.

The lineup will start with the Cadillac Optiq, which will serve as the brand’s entry level model in North America, but is also designed for a global electric car audience. Cadillac promises a compact package that will appeal to Europeans as well as Americans, and spirited driving dynamics along with expressive Cadillac styling.

The Lyriq, introduced in late 2022, is Cadillac’s mainstream EV offering. With innovative design, a spacious interior, and ground-up EV platform, it’s close to class-leading with its impressive real-world range and performance. The Vistiq should fill a gap for buyers that want a luxury EV SUV but want more space, and a third row of seats.

2025 Cadillac Escalade IQ SPORT in flare metallic

2025 Cadillac Escalade IQ and Celestiq

At the top of the SUV tree, of course, will be the Escalade IQ, an electric take on Cadillac’s signature big-dog SUV. With a huge 200-kWh battery, massive wheels, a massive interior, and likely a massive price tag, it’s one of the most impressive electric vehicles we’ve yet seen – though given its size, weight, and battery capacity, it’s not exactly the greenest of green SUVs.

There's also, of course, Cadillac's hand-built, $300,000 flagship, the Celestiq - a massive, gorgeous grand touring hatchback that will be made in very limited numbers.

We’re excited to see Cadillac embracing the electrified future. With an EV entry in every relevant luxury segment, customers looking for American luxury and innovation will have plenty of choices if they want to go emissions-free.