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Future Electric Cars at the LA Auto Show

Dave Nichols
June 30, 2023
The recent LA Auto Show not only threw the spotlight on electric vehicles, but announced its first zero-emission vehicle ZEVA Awards. Here are some of the highlights.
New Hyundai EV SUV

LA Auto Show: All-Electric Lineup

One way to gauge the advance of zero emission vehicles is to look at the amazing array of EVs that were displayed at America’s premiere auto show in Los Angeles this past November 19th through the 28th. The LA Auto Show not only threw the spotlight on electric vehicles this year, but announced its first zero-emission vehicle ZEVA Awards.

Subaru Solterra

A Blue Subaru Solterra driving offroad

Strolling through the massive convention complex, event-goers could check out future all-electric wonders as well as vehicles that are poised to appear in showrooms next year. Subaru unveiled its adventurous all-wheel drive crossover Solterra. “It’s a Subaru electric car. So it has to be able to go off-road, be able to carry stuff on the roof. It has to be able to get through life’s daily adventures,” Garrick Goh, a product planner for Subaru of America told ABC News.

Toyota BZ4X

Grey Toyota BZ4X charging at an office

Another crossover SUV that was getting a lot of looks was Toyota’s new bZ4X, also scheduled to come next year. Subaru and Toyota are working together to produce a full line of hybrid, plug-in hybrid and all-electric models to fit every driver need. “Clearly there’s different solutions for consumers, based on their drive needs, and then the trade-offs you want to make with each powerplant. Electrification is not new to us, we’ve been doing it for probably 20 years,” said Michael Tripp with Toyota USA.

Hyundai Seven

Green Hyundai Seven concept

Hyundai brought out its latest all-electric concept vehicle that it has named Seven. “We want to be leaders in electrification. Our plan is to be selling eight to ten percent global share of battery electric vehicles,” said Jose Munoz, CEO of Hyundai Motor America standing proudly next to the Seven.

Kia EV6


Kia debuted the new EV6 during press previews. The midsize SUV rides on a platform that will underpin many other Kia electric vehicles in the coming years. “This one, in a lot of ways, is going to act as a halo car. Kind of usher in the rest of the EV lineup that is to come,” said Joseph Choi, a product planner for Kia USA.

Fisker Ocean

Blue Fisker Ocean SUV at the beach

The LA Auto Show offered up all your favorite auto marquees as well as new start-up companies hoping to make a stand in the burgeoning EV market. You may remember Fisker, the brainchild of designer Henrik Fisker. Its sleek Karma plug-in hybrid sport sedan turned many heads back in 2012. Now the company is back and hopes to make a big comeback with its new solar-roofed Ocean SUV EV.


Vinast red EV SUV concept

There was also the Vietnamese start-up called VinFast that showed off two new up-and-coming SUV all-electric vehicles. “The timing is perfect for us. So we’re ready to pounce, we’re showing the vehicles today, we’re gonna be selling them next year,” said a very excited Dave Lyon, the head designer for VinFast.

ZEVAS Award Winners

To celebrate the ever-growing list of new all-electric makes and models of vehicles available today, the LA Auto Show organizers came up with its first-ever Zero Emission Vehicle Awards, known as the ZEVAS. Over 90 EVs are available for sale or pre-order today and to determine the winners of this year’s ZEVAS, the organizers surveyed thousands of Los Angeles-area car enthusiasts, influencers, EV shoppers as well as complete car fanatics.

And the envelope please…

For 2021, the winners of the ZEVAS are:

  • Compact: Hyundai Kona Electric
  • Coupe: Alpha Motor Co. ACE Coupe
  • Crossover ($50,000 and below): Fisker Ocean
  • Crossover (Above $50,000): Tesla Model Y
  • Hatchback/Van/Wagon: Canoo Lifestyle Vehicle
  • Sedan ($60,000 and below): Tesla Model 3
  • Sedan (Above $60,000): Lucid Air
  • Sport Utility Vehicle: Mullen FIVE
  • Truck: Rivian R1T

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